Kuroshitsuji episode 4 “His Butler, Capricious”

Another great episode of Kuroshitsuji. Finally the subs for the fourth episode came out a few days ago. This episode literally had me laughing for a good 20 minutes. Speaking of Kuroshitsuji, I should really catch up on the manga–I’m a few chapters behind.

To shortly summarize this (will probably skip a few parts), under the orders of the queen, Ciel and Sebastian are commissioned to investigate a serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper”. With little to no assistance given by the Scotland Yard, Ciel acquired help from an eccentric man called the “Undertaker”. He seemed to be an undertaker on the surface, but is an informant for the Queen. However, he demanded that they make him laugh before he released any information. Lau and Red were unable to make him laugh with their lame attempts. Sebastian, on the other hand, easily accomplished the task with some rather unknown methods. Pretty curious as to what exactly Sebastian did, lolol; I can just imagine.

I’m actually quite happy they chose Junichi Suwabe to voice The Undertaker. I’m very impressed with his performance. I honestly can’t stop fangirling over his role. Ahem.

The Undertaker gives them the information they seek and tells them that the killer definitely has surgical skills. He proceeded to show how the killer most likely cut and removed the victims’ organs–he started at the neck, then the waist before removing out the organs.

Sebastian then tells everyone that he would go out and collect information on possible suspects. And found one suspect–a doctor–that was not in practice. The suspect had been having parties lately and was going to hold his last private party that night.

I love how everyone is dumbfounded at Sebastian’s l33t investigative skills (AKA HUGE LISTS OF SUSPECTS HE GATHERED IN JUST A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME).


And this is were the most lulzy part starts. Sebastian and Ciel infiltrate the party and disguise themselves. CIEL DISGUISES HIMSELF AS A PRETTY LOLI. WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT HE’D MAKE SUCH A CUTE TRAP.

Skipping a bit forward, Ciel got the Suspects attention and told him he was bit bored and wanted to have a little fun with him. The Suspect starts flirting and proceeds to hold Ciel by the waist and caresses him lecherously. I MEAN, LECHEROUSLY. TO THE POINT OF GOOSEBUMPS, ORZ. MYGOD THAT WAS SO AMUSING LOLOLOL. Poor Ciel, the things he has to put up with.

The suspect then takes Ciel to a room. The room is filled with this sweet aroma, and eventually Ciel passes out.



The next thing he knows, he’s locked up in a cage, blindfolded, ready to be sold to the black market by the Suspect–or rather, some of his body parts will be sold. Ciel calls Sebastian and he comes to rescue him like the good butler he is. However, it turned out that they apprehended the wrong person, so the “Jack the Ripper” case was never concluded and eventually another victim was found.

THE END. I kinda wish subs for this series would come out the same day the episode airs but, kljasdlasd. I hope the subs for the next episode will be out soon because GRELLLL<3 DO WANT.


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