Kuroshitsuji merchandise

There’s alot of Kuroshitsuji merchandise that is coming out. These are scans that were taken from the Kuroshitsuji Livejournal community (I take no credit for scanning). Hopefully I can get my hands on some of this stuff because everything is just so gorgeous. Like the silverware set and the tea cup set. DO WANT. Apparently G-Fantasy is running special mail-in goods for Kuroshitsuji so I’m not sure if some of these will be widely available for the public. (T A T);;;

The Sebastian and Ciel figures by Square Enix were announced some time ago (which I regret not trying to get my hands on sooner as they are practically ALL sold out by now ffffffff), so that’s kind of old news but the rest of the merchandise is pretty amazing. Most of the jewelry & accessories you see here are available online to order at the SQUARE ENIX SHOP. However, some items are already sold out.  (T A T)

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