Gundam 00 ep7 Saji Reaction Gauge

Taken from /m/,

This thread is for the purpose of measuring the worth of different conclusions to the Ep6 cliffhanger ending in the Gundam 00 drinking game.

A. Saji doesn’t pull the trigger
B. In addition to not pulling the trigger, Saji also prevents Ian from shooting
C. Saji faints
D. Saji’s personality breaks down, and the aggressive Haji personality takes over
E. Saji shoots, but misses (because this is the popular expectation, assume it is worthless)
F. Saji shoots for a glancing hit
G. Saji shoots, and his shots are either deflected by or blow up another mobile suit instead.
H. Saji shoots for a critical hit, somehow physically injuring and scarring Louise in her cockpit
I. Saji shoots and blows up Louise
J. Saji runs back to his room

Please add the number of shots by each conclusion’s letter.

I say A, B, E, F are the most feasible, perhaps G as well. BUT MY MONEY’S ON EITHER D or J, lolololol. I honestly hope he grows a pair of balls and shoots at her or something. SORRY LOUISE.

More anime rants coming later today when I’m not procrastinating. DDDD: Need to rant about the hilarious Kannagi maid cafe episode and more Kuroshitsuji. MUST. STOP. PROCRASTINATING.

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