Gundam 00 episode 7 “Reunion and Separation” (where Allelujah ‘gets some’)

Where to start, where to start, oh my goodness. WHAT AN EPISODE.

We start off with Saji. He didn’t grow the balls I was expecting him to grow and didn’t pull the trigger. It was kind of disappointing but it’s understandable. Hopefully in later battles he’ll be of more help, lol. The Ptolemaios veers out of the way and launches a set of missiles. One of the missiles hits and destroys Louise’s suit’s right arm and she’s protected from another missile by Andrei who then tells her to get away.

Meanwhile, Mister Bushido Bob and Setsuna are battling it out elsewhere. It seems Mister Bushido’s custom Ahead was doing a good job at keeping up and was giving Setsuna a pretty hard time–at that rate Setsuna wouldn’t get by easily. Ian Vashti warned Setsuna not to use Trans-Am. And what’s the first thing he does?

BAM. TRANS-AM! And just when he’s about to beat the samurai man…

…Double O blacks out.

Mr. Bushido is an honorable man, he only wants fair duels, so he spares Setsuna.

Seravee and Cherudim come to aid Double O.

The enemies retreat. Feldt lets the others know that Arios can’t be located so everyone starts to worry. They make finding Allelujah their first priority. During the Gundm battle earlier Soma and Allelujah were duking it out. They crash landed on land.

DUNDUN. They’re magically lost in some rain forest. Both mobile suits are out and not functioning. I love how they crash landed–Soma’s mobile suit raping Arios, lol. Allelujah goes to Soma’s mobile suit to check up on her. Soma sees Allelujah infront of her and leaps at him. They start quarreling and Allelujah tries to get through to her–by shouting her name countless times–but it seems it’s futile. Soma then starts remembering her past while being on top of desperate Moellujah!

SOMA IN SUPER MOE!MODE. I THINK THIS WAS MY BREAKING POINT WITH MOE SOMA. PLS, NO MORE. I will admit tho, seeing Soma straddling Allelujah like that was pretty hot.

Marie wakes up inside a tent that Allelujah had set up. He reports that both of their mobile suits’ systems are down and that they can’t repair it themselves. At this point, Marie has remembered her past and recalls everything that’s happened regarding Allelujah. Allelujah asks Marie about Soma Peries. Marie tells him it was most likely an alternate personality they had implanted in her when she was held at the Superhuman Research Facility. The facility shipped her off to the military as a super soldier to allow the organization to continue. Marie tells Allelujah that thanks to that, she was able to see him again. Oh, look at that amazing super soldier body.


Marie asks Allelujah what happened after he escaped the superhuman research institute. He tells her everything and regretted not taking her with him at that time. He tells her in the end it was a good thing he didn’t take her along because he (Hallelujah) ended up killing all his friends whom he escaped with. Marie knew another personality existed within Allelujah. They continue to talk and apologize for all the bad things that they’ve done in the past and to each other and they gain each other’s aknowledgement for what they’ve done under second personality!mode.

So in reality… Allelujah is truly Harry Potter and Halle was Voldemort trolling in his head! Is the scar the reason you don’t slick your hair back anymore, Alle? (T A T) That hair duo looked so sexy on you!

They are about to proceed with cuddles, when they are interrupted by none other than Sergei Smirnov. Taisa was very worried for his precious Chuui so he went and searched for her and finally found her–with one of Celestial Being’s members. Sergei recognizes Allelujah’s voice from their previous encounter years ago, and as a result of this, he draws his gun and tries to separate Allelujah and Marie. Allelujah tries to explain everything to Sergei but he wasn’t  convinced. Talking to Sergei seemed like it wasn’t working, so Allelujah asks to get shot in exchange of Soma never being used as a weapon again. Agreeing to this, Sergei fires his gun, and Marie jumps in front of Allelujah at the last moment to prevent him from getting hit. But Sergei, being the kind man that he is, shot up at the sky instead, and he then declares that Soma Peries died with honor in battle. As he turns to leave, Sergei also remembers to thank Allelujah for helping out in the rescue operation five years ago at the low orbit station.

I rather liked the parting scene between him and Soma/Marie. Marie tells Sergei that the Soma within her had always wanted to be his daughter.  He tells Marie to live on. To live a happy life with him. And I will admit, this scene was so heart wrenching in a way it made me all teary (but then again, I’m a sucker for happy/sad scenes in anything–I always end up crying, orz). The insert song by Tommy Heavenly6, “Unlimited Sky” fit the scene so nicely (can’t wait for it to be released!).


Meanwhile, the Kataron survivors arrive at another secret base and learn that the Federation has finally embarked on the Middle East. The military has entered the attacked Azadistan bringing along a new interim government that they’ve established with plans to reorganize the Middle East. Marina finds out that Azadistan no longer exists and has been completely erased. Uh oh.

Lockoff’s out searching for Allelujah. He spots Sergei’s GN-XIII, but to his surprise, Sergei transmits the location of the Arios via optical communication. He spots Allelujah and, again, to his surprise (AND MINE AND I BET EVERYONE ELSE’S) he finds Allelujah and Marie kissing.

(Random little thoughts: This scene right here where Cherudim is flying in the air was so amazing. I love the turbulance you can see in the air as he flies by and decends a little. It’s little details like those–that no one else might notice or really get into–that make anime so enjoyable to watch.)


THIS IS WHERE I GO “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!”. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. I’m not happy their relationship turned out like this. I honestly can’t see them together this way–I can’t see the romance in it at all. Everything just happened way too fast, and this whole Allelujah/Marie thing seemed kind of rushed (as much as I wanted the Alle/Soma thing to be over, but not like this). In the course of one episode, Soma became Marie, and Marie and Allelujah became a couple. I mean, come on, Allelujah hasn’t really seen Marie in years–since his childhood. He recently reunited with her and now they’re macking on each other? I am confused–LOLWHAT? BUT HEY, I THINK IF I WERE SOMA I’D WANT TO MACK HARDCORE ON THAT FINE PIECE OF SUPER SOLDIER, SO MAYBE I SHOULD UNDERSTAND LOL. I was hoping of a more sister/brother relationship between them, but I guess that wasn’t the case. (T A T);; There goes my chance of Alle/Sumergai down the drain, orz. Oh whatever. The preview for the next episode made me really happy in the pants so that subsided my rage a little, lmfao.


Lasse’s surprise face when he found out about Marie and Allelujah being “together”. Gah, he’s so cute, lol.

Tieria gets informed that they’ve found Allelujah. He then gets approached by someone who looks just like him. He’s shocked at how much the stranger looks like him.  This person explains that it’s because their DNA is the same, and he introduces himself as an Innovator, Regene Regetta. Tieria seems to know what Regene is talking about. BUT INTIL THE NEXT EPISODE TO FIND OUT WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Admit it, Regene, you’ve been stalking Trap-chan from the very beginning, haven’t you?

PREVIEW FOR NEXT EPISODE: Ribbons wearing a cravat. DO LIKE. Now all he needs is one helluva sexy butler. I say let Regene be that butler. Y/Y? (blaming Kuroshitsuji/and a friend for this)


Alle, stop being so cute, pls. You’re giving me cavities.

If I remember correctly, back in episode 4 “A reason to Fight”, Allelujah mentioned to Sumeragi that his reason to fight was to save Marie, but now that he’s accomplished that, what else is there to fight for? Will it be to stop the war, now? I mean, I hope Sumeragi won’t kick them off Ptolemaeus and tell them, “OK KIDS, NOW THAT YOU’VE SAVED HER AND HAVE REUNITED, GO ON AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE WITHOUT WAR AND FIGHTING”. DO NOT WANT. I have a hunch something might happen to Marie and she’ll end up dying in the end. In a scene in the ED we see Allelujah near the broken glass case where Marie was held as the test subject back in the Superhuman Research Institute. TOO MUCH HAPPINESS IN THIS EPISODE. SOMETHING IS BOUND TO HAPPEN, I MEAN, KNOWING SUNRISE.

THIS ENTRY TOOK ME FOREVER TO TYPE UP. I need to learn not to procrastinate while trying to type up a long rant with god knows how many screencaps. I AM EXHAUSTED.

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