Gundam 00 episode 10 “The Light in the Sky”

YES. I AM BEHIND–more like procrastinating hardcore. I mean, I watch the live streams and all but then I get lazy taking caps and just ranting about the episode in general even tho I want to so much after each episode lolol. But anyway, going to skip episode 9 and rant about episode 10 instead, because episode 10 was orgasmic.

I’m really loving all the Innovator interaction that’s been going on in the last few episodes. IT MAKES ME HAPPY IN THE PANTSU OK. They all need to have one happy orgy on Ribbons’ red pimp couch.

HELLO MOST MANLY INNOVATOR OF THEM ALL. BRING STABILITY. So, Bring confronts Setsuna as a warning to Celestial Being, quickly overpowering the 00 Gundam in his own GNZ-005 Garazzo unit. He later meets Revive at an A-LAWS base, and tells him that the Memento Mori is being activated. Uh oh.

O-Raiser + Trans-Am + 00 = THE MOST AMAZING SHIT EVER. A series full of robots shouldn’t get me THIS fucking excited. After installing the 0-Raiser and going into Trans-AM mode 00 Gundam managed to exceed the theoretical limit they had calculated and Setsuna wonders if this is the legacy of the Twin Drive system left to them by Aeolia.

OH TIERIAAAA~ I bet he’s having some delicious Innovator flashbacks there. And I can’t help but stare at those nice curves…

And the real shocker for this episode. HALLELUJAH IS BACK. Now, all I’m waiting for is for Hallelujah to call Marie, “OI, ONNA!”–yespls. I’m curious as to how Marie and All’s relationship will progress now that Halle is back.



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