One Outs

I think I’m in love. Now, let me say this, I’m not a fan of shounen sports anime/manga, so I don’t really read/watch sporty stuff. But this–this is such an amazing series. Yesterday I marathoned the current 8 episodes that are out and just moments ago watched episode 9 that was just subbed and released. One Outs isn’t your average shonen sports anime and that’s what really grabbed my attention.

The story of One Outs is centered on a gambler and fastball pitcher Toua Tokuchi. In the first episode we find him playing an underground baseball gambling game known as One Outs. Basically, the game is about the pitching and bating aspects of baseball, but the gambling and psychological atmosphere in it is what makes this series so amazing and not boring. Soon enough he joins up with a real, professional baseball team and thus starts the real fun and gamble. For every person he pitches out, he will receive 5,000,000yen; however, he will loose 50,000,000yen for every point that he gives up—this is the One Outs contract that he made with the President of the baseball team.

The battlefield is not only on the baseball field, but within the minds of the pitcher and the batter; a psychological battle. It uses the fear of loosing money and drowning in debt as a means of causing drama and suspense. Toua knows how to read his opponents’ mind and inflict psychological damage to his opponents making them lose out in the end. OH YOU SEXY BASEBALL PITCHER, YOU. So of course, throughout the course of these nine episodes you can imagine the many players he’s outed and the amount of money he’s racked up by the end of each game, regardless of all the traps the President set up to make him lose (and of course the President isn’t too happy about that , haha). Fucking rich bastard lolol. DID I MENTION TOUA IS VERY VERY DELICIOUS?

Animation and music-wise, the animation is awesome; as expected from MADHOUSE. Love the OP; “Bury” by Pay money To my Pain—reminds me of those American bands. Love the ED too! (looking forward to singles for both songs~). FUCK, I LOVE THIS SERIES.

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