The pilot of 0-Raiser is revealed


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0 Raiser Pilot: Saji Crossroad A young man whose fate was changed after being drawn in into a Celestial Being-related event in his student days. Was in a job involving space development, but even then met with Celestial Being again, and by several twists of fates ended up on their ship. He at first rejected the Gundams, as objects causing conflict, but upon learning that his former lover Louise was in A-LAWS got into the O Raiser and stood on the battlefield, to take her back. He still opposes conflict, but now believes that he can still accomplish things even in the midst of battle. His presence is changing the members of Celestial Being, especially Setsuna.

12289713485650-raiserGN-0000 + GNR-010 00 Raiser
Combination with 0 Raiser completes, an existence which exceeds a Gundam

When combined with 0 Raiser, 00 Gundam can perform far beyond its theorized limit. [An existence which exceeds a Gundam], and so its name doesn’t include ‘Gundam’, and called 00 Raiser instead. When 00 Raiser uses Trans-Am, it creates an unknown phenomenon even unanticipated by Ian. Descending as an existence which exceeds the normal mobile suit concept, 00 Raiser is a powerful force to destroy the world’s distortion.

GNR-010 0 Raiser
0 Raiser uses large GN Condenser as its main power source, and is designed to charge using 00’s GN Particles when docked. It can be used in combat independently or when docked, and also stabilizes 00’s Twin Drive system. As a result, 0 Raiser is used in actual combat, which is not originally planned. When combined with 0 Raiser, the Twin Drive System is stabilizes, and Trans Am is fully operatable. 0 Raiser’s pilot is Saji Crossroad, a non-combat person who becomes a pilot accidentally. And so, instead of the combat support, 0 Raiser’s function is primary to stabilize Twin Drive System.

GN Micro Missile
When hit the target, it will inject GN Particles, destroying the inside. Suitable against huge target like ship, 0 Raiser’s missiles are smaller compared to those used by Gundams, so more can be stored in 0 Raiser. But it’s weaker as a result. The weapon is target seeking, so it’s a very important armament for Saji, who is not suitable to battle. Usable when docked.

GN Beam Machine Gun
Beam cannon using GN Particles, 0 Raiser’s main armament. It’s firing rate is higher than a beam rifle, but weaker. The same weapon is used in Kyrios and Arios. This weapon uses up a lot of GN Particles, for 0 Raiser which is not equipped with a GN Drive, there’s a limit of use. However, since Saji is not very active in the battlefield, the energy consumption is not a problem. Usable when docked.

GN Vulcan
Same weapon as used by Exia. Used to shoot down missiles, range is long but power is weak. When used against an solar furnace equipped suit, it’s mainly for distracting. The actual use for this weapon is to distracting enemies when combining with 00 Gundam. After combined with 00, the attack direction is fixed to downward.


WHAT? Saji? As pilot for the 0-Raiser? I fear for his life now lol. I would’ve preferred Lasse to be the pilot since I think he’s more capable and suitable for it. BUT WHATEVS, I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO SEE 0-RAISER IN ACTION. LOL SAJI YOU BETTER NOT SCREW THIS UP. CAN IT BE NEXT GUNDAY ALREADY?

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