more Code Geass figure ranting

I don’t think I’ll stop talking about these two figures until I have them both in my hands and do a nice review on them, orz. Moeyo posted some pics of the new promo poster ads for the upcoming figures of Villetta Nu (by Alpha x Omega) and Lelouch/Zero (by MegaHouse). The figure will star in MegaHouse’s new line-up series named G.E.M (much like their P.O.P series, etc). And the best news yet? G.E.M is geared towards female customers. HELL YES. He will also be on display at the upcoming Mega Hobby Expo event on Febuary 11th, 2009.

A release date and price have also been revealed. Scheduled release date will be April 2009 and he will retail at 7,980yen. Info on Alpha x Omega’s Villetta Nu was announced a while back, so not really going to talk about her today, lol.

Will be stalking HobbyLink Japan to put in my pre-order for him. He’ll be taking a huge chunk out of my wallet when April comes around. (T A T);; But I’m pretty sure he’ll be totally worth it!







4 Responses to “more Code Geass figure ranting”

  1. 1 Steve
    January 5, 2009 at 8:09 am

    I Really Like Villetta! But I am No really Sure about Lelouch! (wuuuu!! :( ) Am Worried about the Figure, He Looks good with the Cape, but without it he looks too Skinny and Most Important.. His Head is too Small. I doesn´t lke the Prototype that Hobby Japan Magazine showed us. Am Not Sure… Must see the Official Megahouse Images. and More Pictures from Any Event.


  2. 2 Haru
    January 5, 2009 at 1:47 pm


    To me, I think Lelouch looks pretty amazing! And well, he’s a feckin’ noodle so his skinny-ness is right on the spot, lololol, which I don’t really mind at all. This MegaHouse Lelouch was based off this sculpt (see bottom link) that was shown at Wonder Festival last year; the pic is pretty clear so I hope you can see a better view of the figure. (^^)

    And all I have to say about Villetta is that she looks AMAZING.

  3. 3 Steve
    January 7, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Well, more Promotional Pics of Villetta are now in some Online Shop, are just 3 o 4 new Pics.
    But no news about lelouch!!! :(
    C´mon MegaHouse!! o_o

    Yes, I know what U mean!!
    I saw that Sculpt in one of the post WF´Moeyo coverage.
    But I am still not convinced, I think MegaHouse get the Sculpt and they gonna change it.. is not gonna be the same, And am afraid that they don´t even improve it … lol

    See you Later!

    Psdta: Yesterday I was looking this!

  4. 4 Haru
    January 8, 2009 at 12:45 am


    Ah yes! Just checked AmiAmi a little while ago and saw they had put Villetta up. Still have no problems with her and I think she looks very stunning! Can’t wait to have her in my hands~ ^^

    And regarding the Lelouch figure, MegaHouse did add a few things it seems, like the sword lol. I don’t know why since, if I remember correctly, Lelouch doesn’t use a sword. But even with the sword the figure still looks very nice. ^^; Hope AmiAmi puts Lelouch up soon; I really want to see more pics of the figure.

    Thanks for the link! I don’t think I ever saw those pics. That’s a really nice close-up of the Lelouch sculpt.

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