Pilot for GN-Archer confirmed & Gadessa GNZ-003

1231383087002Source; AnimeSuki forums

So most of us assumed that Anew Returner would be the pilot for the GN-Archer, but I was leaning more on Soma/Marie (WHO DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING, EH. I mean, it’d only make sense that she’d be Allelujah’s support–I wonder if their “DOCKING” sequence will be as fabulous as Setsuna and Saji’s, orz. SUPER AWESOME GATTAI DESU!). With the release of the GN-Archer kit, the speculation is out of the way.

Info on the GN Archer:
Arios Gundam’s support machine. Built the L3 factory. Originally designed as a 3rd generation Gundam, the idea was abandoned before it was completed, and it was made into a support machine instead, and given a huge GN Condenser. When combined, it feeds off energy from Arios. For the concept of the MS, it is an improved model of Kyrios’s tail booster. This suit can combine with Arios for more weapons, and when a pilot is in it, can transform into a MS to operate independently. Below the container, there is a space to mount guns.

As for weapons;

GN Beam Rifle
GN Archer is equipped with 2 of them. Compared to those used by Gundams, the barrel of the rifles are wider, so they have wider range. Instead of attacking the enemy, the main purpose of the rifles is to protect friend units (like shooting to create a gap between the enemy and friendly unit)

1231383388476-2GN Vulcan
Equipped on the front of the plane part, used in missiles intercepting. Low power but high firing rate. In MS battle, used to limit the enemy’s movement.

GN Missiles
Target seeking missiles, there’s 8 hatches in total, and 16 doors (not really sure how to translate into the exact terms). When the GN Missiles hit their targets, they inject GN particles to destroy the enemy within.

GN Beam Saber
Same weapon used by other Gundams. GN Archer has 2 of them, used in MS mode


EDIT; Should have posted about Gadessa too, but my mind just wandered off. Anyway, GADESSA MODEL KIT GET. Here’s a nice review of both GN-Archer and Gadessa model kits. Goddamn, Gadessa is such a sexy MS. D:

gadessa01Info on Gadessa GNZ-003 :
A MS piloted by one of the A-LAWS’s License, Revive Revival. An Innovator MS, built using data of Celestial Being’s Gundam in Veda. The fake GN Drive used by Gadessa is improved, and its ability is almost equal to a true GN Drive. Behind face armor, there’s a Gundam face inside. There’s a third cameara Line (?) Sensor located on its head. Designed in long range combat, it uses Virtue’s data. GN Mega Launcher is an improved model of Virtue’s GN Bazooka. TO uses such weapon that consumes huge amount of GN Particles, there’s huge GN Condensers on Gadessa’s shoulder parts (same position as Virtue).

GN Mega Launcher
Mounted on waist. The 3 barrels can be used as normal Beam Rifle. When the 3 barrels open up, there’s the barrel for the Mega Launcher. Like Virtue, charge time is necessary for high destructive power. For power support, energy pack is used. Normal situation, a pack can be used for 2 shots. Pack 2 can be used for a maximum of 4 shots.

gadessa02GN Vulcan
Equipped on both arms, low power and high firing rate. Used to control enemy movement, smoke screen, missiles intercepting

GN Beam Saber
Stored in side arms, main weapon for close combat. As Gadessa is a range combat MS, it’s not used frequently.

GN Katar (or Cutter?)
Located on shoulders and arms, thin blades that can create GN Field. Used in closes combat, as there’s no prep time to draw the weapon, it’s very effective in combat

reviveprofileRevive Revival’s profile translations taken from 19.04SECONDS; A mobile suit pilot attached to the A-LAWS. He is one person who has permission, a “licensor”, to ignore the chain of command and act according his own judgment. His true identity is as one of Ribbons Almark’s fellow Innovators.  While working in the A-LAWS, he is constantly taking directions from Ribbons. In addition to [having] a body which surpasses human capabilities, he can operate machines which use Quantum Brainwaves, and furthermore he is endowed with super-human piloting skills. Among the Innovators, he is especially hotblooded, it’s easy to get him riled up in battle. On the other hand he has a cynical surface-image, belittling the actions of the humans in CB and the army and laughing scornfully.

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