MegaHouse GEM Series Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Zero 1/8 PVC up for reservation

fig-ipn-0297_03-2Zero is finally up for reservation over at Hobby Search, Toys Logic, Kid Nemo & your other trusty online figure shops! SHIT, I’M SO EXCITED. This is such a drop dead gorgeous figure. I can’t stop gawking, lolol.

As part of MegaHouse‘s new line-up series, G.E.M, comes this 1/8 Zero PVC which stands 24.5cm tall. Scheduled release date  is April 2009. Retailing at 7,980yen. The figure comes with a few extras; a pair of interchangeable arms, the sword, the helmet, his removable cape of course and it comes with an interchangeable facial expression as well.

More pics below the cut, or check out Hobby Search and AmiAmi.










5 Responses to “MegaHouse GEM Series Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Zero 1/8 PVC up for reservation”

  1. 1 Steve
    January 8, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    Thank You So Much Haru.u!

    I was near the Internet cause I knew that about These Days would appear the Images so..

    1st Pic Zero with Mask: Looks Really Cool!
    2nd Pic Still very Attractive to buy.
    3rd and 4th Pics, There is Something About His Head that I Don´t Like (As said Beforee), I don´t want that Kallen (the 2 versions), C.C., Shirley and Villetta have a Bigger Head than Leluouch! MegaHouse could Expand the head a little bit at the sides or I don´t Know something, because looking at him Straight is difficult but in other Poses looks Nice. Sorry for write those things hahaha! is Just that cmon! for 7,600 Yens I expect A Perfect Figure (like Alpha x Omega´s C.C. right, Haru? lol)
    5th and 6th pics looks OK!

    7th Pic.. The Best One , The Best Pic to introduce this Figure!
    Is the best Angle to see it XD

    Still 2 and 1/2 stars of 5 stars

    Now Wait for the MegaHobby Station EXPO 2009 Winter to see more photos.
    (remember 2/11) And Of Course maybe more Code Geass Figures
    Also Would like to have more news about G.E.M… What Doest It mean? What Kind of Figures are gonna to produce??

    See You Other Day!!

  2. 2 Haru
    January 8, 2009 at 2:48 pm


    Hi again! XD


    To be honest, I think I like this figure of Zero more with his mask on, lolol. And I guess I agree with you on some points there that you made; he does look kinda odd when you look at him straight on but when you view him from other angles he looks fabulous! I’ve never had a PVC figure with interchangeable parts (except for Nendoroids but those don’t really count, orz) so I wonder how much I’ll like that (I’d preferred that nothing be interchangeable but oh well). And XD, that’s fine, you can voice out your own opinion on the figure. I guess everyone sees it different. I myself think the Zero figure is very nice.

    And yeah, 7,600yen is rather… pricey. @_@;;

    I’ll give this figure 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. That’s how much I love it. XD;

    Can’t wait for the MegaHobby EXPO! I hope we get to see more amazing figures! As for the G.E.M series, I’m not sure what the name means exactly, but G.E.M is geared towards the female audience, lol, which makes me a happy camper because honestly, us girls need more male figures, lololol. So here’s hoping MegaHouse gives us a nice Suzaku Kururugi because DO WANT. D:

  3. January 13, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    I think im cute i know im sexy ive got the looks that drive the girls wild ive got the moves that really move em im not a boy toy im just a sext=y no boy toy

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