Medicom Evangelion Shinji Ikari and ProjectBM! Kiva

06215Medicom, what are you trying to do to my wallet?

Medicom will be releasing this gorgeous Shinji Ikari Plugsuit Movie version RAH. Scheduled release date is August 2009 and will retail at 17,640yen. I missed out on the Rei and Asuka RAH’s back then (tho, I wasn’t really interested in them anyway. I prefer male RAH’s, thank you.). It would be amazing if they released a Kaworu too in the near future or something because DO WANT. I’ll try to get my hands on this one when it comes out. I’m still waiting for the Captain Harlock RAH to come out. But who knows if I’ll be able to get him when he’s released, my wallet is super dry, lololol dammit.

I think Medicom needs to stick with anime stuff, that’s where they truly excel when it comes to making RAH’s.

UPDATE: More pictures of Shinji added over at AmiAmi!

4de04b33Speaking of RAH’s, I found another beauty. I will admit, I know nothing about the Kamen Riders series lol, but this new Kiva RAH really caught my eye. The overall look on it is–holy crap–AMAZING. The prototype looks impressive and the detail looks hella nice. I hope once the final product is released it’ll look just as badass. Don’t think it has a release date yet. This will definitely go on my TO-GET list.

Yes… I’m a huge sucker for Medicom’s RAH’s. I just can’t seem to stay away despite their huge price range, ohgod.


3 Responses to “Medicom Evangelion Shinji Ikari and ProjectBM! Kiva”

  1. 1 STV
    January 24, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Those RAHs always so expensives!!
    I would like some day that ALTER produce Shinji Ikari Figure in PVC.

    I know that Koto made One with Kaworu yeeears agoo, but in my opinon Alter Quality is much better than Kotobukiya, but Alter has NEVER done a Male Figure so I don´t Know, maybe ALTER will make Asuka (Rei Ayanami released last year) and Never Shinji :(

  2. 2 Haru
    January 24, 2009 at 10:09 pm


    Yeah, they are expensive but quite addictive! ^^; I can’t seem to stop buying them, lol.

    I saw Koto’s Kaworu back then but it didn’t really appeal to me. His face seemed kinda odd to me. And I agree, Alter makes excellent figures, tho I wish they would concentrate on male figures as well. Hopefully in the near future they will. :( The lack of male figures is saddening for us girls, lol.

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