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G00 Bushido spread

ffffffbushidoFAPPALICIOUS MISTAH BUSHIDO SPREAD. Quote from friend lol, “I CAN’T DECIDE WHICH IS BETTER MASURAO OR BUSHIDO IN THIS SPREAD.” I agree, lmao, but I’d have to go with Bushido, he looks hella fabulous therefffffff.

Not sure where’s this from tho, I think I read it was from the latest Official File or something idk.


ProjectBM! Kiva

projectbm-kivaI wasn’t planning on posting about this because, well, I already did (sorta) in the Rei Ayanami post down below. But heck, whatever, it deserves its own post, lmao.

ANYWAY, ProjectBM’s Kiva has been officially listed. He’s due out in September 2009 and will retail at 19,740yen. Most online shops will be selling him at a lower price of  around 15,792yen.

It comes with various accessories, including an extra right leg which transforms into his “bat” leg. I’m not really familiar with Kamen Riders so I’m not sure of the correct terminology for some of the accessories here. But even so, this is going on my TO-GET list.

He has a nice butt, btw.

More pics over at Amiami!


Benpresto’s Grandline Luffy and Ace

banpresto_luffyaceForgot to post about this earlier, orz. Banpresto will be releasing an amazing Luffy and Ace, part of their new line-up series called The Grandline Men. Volume 1 of the series will consist of Luffy and Ace, which will be released this August 2009. I’m guessing the other charas of the pirate crew will also be released later on.

The detail on these two figures is simply amazing. But from what I read over at the GA Graphic site, they appear to be only 15cm, which is a bit too small for my taste, but I’m hoping that the figures will be bigger. But then again, if the final product looks just as amazing as these prototypes then I will sure as hell be getting my hands on them! I’m a huge One Piece fan so I’ll be anxiously waiting for these to get released.

More pics below. Pictures taken from GA Graphic.

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Medicom RAH Rei Ayanami movie version

rei-medicom-hjAfter their announcement of the Shinji Ikari movie ver. RAH, Medicom now brings us a Rei Asuka Plugsuit Movie Version RAH. Gotta say, this version looks way nicer than the previous version. Looks like the knee pads will be printed on but I think I prefer them more that way than the old version. The body sculpt looks amazing and the hair and face look nicer.

Scheduled release date is September 2009 and she’ll retail at 17, 640yen. More pics over at Toysdaily.

I foresee an Asuka Langley RAH in the near future too. I am now very tempted to just buy the whole new set of EVA RAH’s. I wonder how I’ll manage that, orz.

I’m still waiting on that Captain Harlock RAH, goddammit!

Oh, and speaking of Evangelion, I want this but the price is just ridiculous. (24,990yen)

UPDATE; Amiami just updated their site a while ago and added Rei Ayanami and Kiva. Kiva looks amazing! (゜O゜;)


Gundam 00 episode 20

RAW FUCKING WHERE. So much epic was going on that askldjaskld. I kinda missed some scenes and ajsdas but ANEW DIES AND LYLE YOU IDIOT.

And wtf, Wang and Hong Long are still alive…


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Spring 2009 Anime


The Spring 2009 Anime chart is out. Stuff I’ll be watching isssss:

Fullmetal Alchemist (WOOH!)

Eden of East

Sengoku Basara (FUCKYEA!)

Senjou no Valkyria

Ristorante Paradiso (I wonder if that will be good)

Queens Blade


Chii’s Sweet Home


And that’s about it. Some of these I will definitely stick to and watch, while others I’ll try and see if they’re any good.


Which Gundam 00 Character Are You? ORZ

which-gundam00-char-are-youSomeone posted this on the Gundam 00 LJ community a little while ago and lol, of course, I got Setsuna. I might’ve gotten Graham but I don’t often get called strange, tho sometimes I do (and I am in a way, lmao). You start from the right and work your way to the left by answering the questions. RED arrows mean YES, and BLUE means NO.

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