One can never have too many Yoko’s!

fig-moe-0576Kotobukiya‘s Yoko is up for pre-order now! She measures at a 1/6 scale (24.5cm) and scheduled release date is June 2009. She retails at 9,450yen. Quite a hefty price there. At first, when I saw her back then, her face seemed kind of odd, but now that I look at her more closely… she looks quite amazing. Given the hefty price, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford her, ugh ugh, at least not when she gets released; I have other pre-orders I’ll need to pay for by then. But we’ll see. More pics over at Amiami.

KidNemo has her up for a nice, more affordable price of $79.99 (I wonder if they priced her wrong lolol), way more cheaper than what I’ve seen in other online shops. Tho, I find it quite ridiculous that they up their prices (I mean, ridiculously high) all the time after time passes by, if not days (and why yes, I’m talking about their Yoko Nendoroid and Eye Up Kamina, orz, among others). So pre-ordering her now over at KidNemo could be a good idea… tho I’m unsure how I’ll be able to pay for her, lolol. I’m fucked.

fig-moe-0577Alter‘s Yoko is also up for pre-order. I’ve anxiously been waiting for this figure to finally go up! She measures at a 1/8 scale and is scheduled to be released in June 2009 as well. Retailing at 7,800yen. FFFFF, she’s stunning. More pics over at Amiami.

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