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Green Tokyo Gundam RX-78

20090423212527-52072Looks like there’s good progress of the 1/1 scale Gundam RX-78 that’s being built in Odaiba. Currently only the leg frames are up, along with some other parts of RX-78 lying around the construction site.

Can’t wait to see this when’s it’s all finished! I’d love to see this in person but that’ll never happen, baww.  RX-78 will be finished and ready by the 11th of July.

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Kamina and Simon Illustration Collection

m03750077-01Several scans from the newly released Kamina and Simon Illustration Collection book have been posted over at Anime Paper. And holy crap, do I need to get my hands on this book. I highly approve of Rocker Kamina; he looks pretty fucking sweet playing bass guitar–and pretty damn hot too (OH, THOSE TATS FFFFF). I don’t know what to think of that last Simon/Rossiu image (which you can see after the cut). But according to this ‘lagann-speak’ chart, the writing on the sand says ‘suki’ which means like/love, lolol. Those two sure are getting it on… good. And I still wonder, I can’t figure out if Simon’s actually wearing some sort of tight shorts or if that’s just Rossiu’s leg shadow (I’m leaning more towards the latter)… this image breaks my brain in many sorts of ways. But in a good way… I think, lmao. And what the heck is that green goo they’re rubbing on eachother sdl;asdk’ OH GAINAX.

I… MUST… HAVE… THIS… ASAP! I’m ecstatic they made an artbook featuring only the boys from Gurren Lagann. I HOPE WE GET SOME KITTAN IN HERE TOO. Can’t wait to see what other delicious illustrations this book contains!

And speaking of Gurren Lagann, I saw the first movie a few days ago and I loved it. IT WAS VERY AWESOME, I CRIED MANLY TEARS. Even tho it was basically a recap of the first few episodes of the series I still enjoyed it very much. Now to wait for the second movie!

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Hobby Japan June Issue – MegaHouse’s Sheryl Nome Preview

hobbyjapan6_alphaomega_sherylnomeYESSSSS! From the latest Hobby Japan magazine, here’s a preview scan featuring the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier by Megahouse.

She’s scheduled to be released in Summer 2009, retailing at a price of 7,140yen.

And it looks like she’s a cast off figure too. Tho, I like her more in her dominatrix cop outfit. She looks fantastic all nice and painted! She’s definintely on my TO-GET list, ohoho!

And looks like we’re getting more new Sheryl and Ranka figures! The prototypes look pretty awesome~

ganked via figure/GK


Best two hours of my life

So I just finished watching Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: COMPLETE a little while ago and holy shit, like the subject says, best two hours of my fucking life. All the new scenes they added in were amazing. Especially, oh yes, the new Sephiroth scenes; let’s just say I needed a new pair, well several pairs of pantsu by the end of the movie. Squeenix, why didn’t you release this version in the first place?! This must look fucking sweet on BluRay, so I can’t wait till my copy arrives in the mail! I’d love to rant about all the new scenes but then it’d turn out to be a very fangirly incoherent post, lmao.

Oh and also, the new ED by Himuro Kyosuke & Gerard Way, “Safe and Sound”, is so amazing. I think this song fits the Cloud ED way much nicer than his “Calling” song in the previous FF7AC version. I can’t stop listening to it; I have it on repeat on my winamp~ Aaah! can’t wait till the song gets released. I read the song will be out for e-distribution over at iTunes on April 29th.



avatar_soravol1This isn’t the first time I’ve ogled at this cute Sora figure. I’ve been debating whether to pre-order him or not; its cuteness compels me to pre-order him asap! I’m also wondering what other characters they’re planning to make, since they are calling this Sora their first in the series; perhaps a Riku might be next? I really hope so! If that’s the case, then I might just have to get both!

This Avatar Static Art Sora is scheduled to be released this August 2009 and retails at 13,440yen, and measures at about 10 inches tall. He’s now up for pre-order over at HLJ and  Hobby Search. He’s also been up for pre-order over at KidNemo for a couple of months now.

Oh, and these cute keychains, do waaaant!

I’m wondering whether to grab the “early bird” over at HLJ, but argh, I’m still undecided–he is quite pricey… and I do have other pre-orders being filled at the end of this month… orz.


Fullmetal Alchemist 2 episode 1

Watched the live stream for FMA just now, and all I will say is: WOW, WHAT AN AWESOME EPISODE AND GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF MIKI!ROY. I’M HAPPY *w*. I guess I have to uhh start catching up on the FMA manga sometime soon, orz.

Oh, and this episode was very humorous. NEED RAW.

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