Best two hours of my life

So I just finished watching Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: COMPLETE a little while ago and holy shit, like the subject says, best two hours of my fucking life. All the new scenes they added in were amazing. Especially, oh yes, the new Sephiroth scenes; let’s just say I needed a new pair, well several pairs of pantsu by the end of the movie. Squeenix, why didn’t you release this version in the first place?! This must look fucking sweet on BluRay, so I can’t wait till my copy arrives in the mail! I’d love to rant about all the new scenes but then it’d turn out to be a very fangirly incoherent post, lmao.

Oh and also, the new ED by Himuro Kyosuke & Gerard Way, “Safe and Sound”, is so amazing. I think this song fits the Cloud ED way much nicer than his “Calling” song in the previous FF7AC version. I can’t stop listening to it; I have it on repeat on my winamp~ Aaah! can’t wait till the song gets released. I read the song will be out for e-distribution over at iTunes on April 29th.

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