A Preview of UpLark’s Viral figure!

uplark-viral3Finally, what I’ve been waiting for–what we’ve all been waiting for! UpLark (formally known as Eye Up) have given us a little preview on their blog of their soon-to-be newest addition to their Gurren Lagann figures, Viral! After they announced back in February about them making Nia and Viral figures I’ve been anxiously waiting for them to show us a preview, and it’s about damn time!

This upcoming Viral figure is currently in its prototype stage, but hopefully we’ll see a painted version soon! His pose has been modeled after the 5th DVD cover of the Gurren Lagann TV series (Japanese version). He measures at a scale of 1/8 and from what I read on their blog he’s due to be released sometime in August or September!

Fffffff, this is going to be such an amazing figure and he’ll look great next to my Eye Up Kamina~ I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR THIS! Now all we need is a time-skip Simon!–preferably GARLOCK SIMON.

2 Responses to “A Preview of UpLark’s Viral figure!”

  1. 1 Selidor
    May 21, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    It looks like it will be an awesome figure! Really nice dynamic pose they picked.

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