A Collectors Paradise

yakumo-collection1I’ve seen some very epic figure collections out there but I think I’d have to give kudos to Yakumo for his collection. If one were to have a museum-like in his/her livingroom consisting of anime, manga, figures and the like, then this would be it.

Since I’m a fan of his collection, I felt like ranting about it for a bit. (・▽・)ノ

Yakumo has been collecting figures for a year and has amounted quite a nice collection; mostly consisting of Nendoroids and Figma’s (since that’s his passion). Let’s not forget that nice collection of manga he has there in the background which is made up of more than 1,600 manga; almost like a mini library ^^; (is mini even the right word to describe this? lol), which has taken him about 3 years to collect. I think this would be what I’d call an otaku’s paradise, orz. Everything is so neatly organized; I love everything about it. He has a nice little Death Note collection going on down there (which I’m a huge fan of). One thing that would make this even more amazing would be more scaled figures. But hey, I’m a huge fan of those little cute Nendoroids so it’s all good.

yakumo-collection2Speaking of epic, I’ve also been eying his glass cabinets which are very, very nice (゜O゜;). I wonder where I can get some similar ones? Then again, I wish I had enough space in my own room for a similar setup; having cabinets in the middle of a room would definitely look awesome. I don’t even want to talk about all the dusting he has to do with the huge collection that he has (;゜Д゜). My collection isn’t that huge but I’m so lazy when it comes to dusting off all my figures, lolol.

I can just imagine the fortune he must have spent on all of this, but it’s all worth it when you look at it in the end. This sort of inspires me to keep collecting and hope that my collection will be as huge as this one someday! And not just an inspiration for myself but also for other figure collectors like myself.

More of Yakumo’s collection can be found over at his Tsuki-Board.

I’ve just reminded myself that I need to update my goddamn Tsuki-Board; I’ve been procrastinating on it hardcore, orzzz.

EDIT: Thought I should rant about this too since I’m on the topic of anime/figure collections. Anyway, I love this guys’ anime collection. IT IS HUGE. Not sure who it belongs to, I saved these images years ago and last time I checked (which was ages ago) his blog was taken down.

1 Response to “A Collectors Paradise”

  1. May 20, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Thanx for reviewing my collection
    Really like what you write about it

    Will buy more scaled figures in the near future
    im gonna collect Alter’s Nanoha series

    Also just bought Nendoroid Yui and Ryofuko
    my wallet is whining now

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