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Kotobukiya Play Arts Edward Elric Remake Ver.

kotobukiya-playarts-edwardFrom the latest Hobby Japan magazine, looks like Kotobukiya’s going to do a remake version of their Play Arts Edward Elric for the new FMA: Brotherhood series.

I never got the chance to buy the first version, which I did not like much, but this version looks amazing. The detail on it is impressive! The image also has a comparison of the old (from 2004) and new versions; you can definintely notice Edwards bigger scale in the new version. Looks like Edward has been drinking his milk (^^;). The old version measures 13cm tall while the new version will measure 18cm tall; pretty huge growth spurt there, Edward! The figure will also come with an extra head and other various optional parts.

If the final mass produced version comes out just as impressive I will definitely get my hands on it. Images of Play Arts Roy and Alphonse have been floating around the net; could not find a Hobby Japan scan of them. All three will be released this coming October.

Via; DannyChoo


Odaiba RX-78 Gundam Night Clip

Why yes, this is another RX-78 post. Found this recent video while browsing Akiba Hobby just now. It shows Odaiba’s Gundam lit up at night with the jet mist coming out of its chest and legs (which looks way more epic than the day video I posted a few days back) along with some awesome neck movement. Unfortunately there is no SFX. It also seems the fence has been removed. I love it when the people go into awe as soon as the head/neck moves upward. Aaaaah!

Via; Akiba Hobby

ETA: Extensive photoshoots at;
Cutanews (has nice close-up shots)


Medicom RAH Kaworu from Evangelion

medicom-kaworuFrom the recently held Medicom Toy exhibition, which will be held from June 20th to June 29th at Parco Factory in Tokyo, Medicom has revealed one of their upcoming Action Dolls they’re currently working on: Kaworu from Evangelion. He’s currently in his prototype stage; his upper body was the only part shown at the exhibition. No price or release date yet.

Aaaaaah! I’m actually excited about this. You could say Kaworu is my favorite character from the Evangelion series so I’m excited Medicom is making an action doll of him. However, I saw this coming a mile away. They’re releasing Shinji, (and re-releasing) Rei, and Asuka later this year–Kaworu is the only one left. Might put him on my TO-GET list depending on my other future figure expenditures, orz.

More images of the exhibition at Toy World!


Sengoku BASARA ep. 12 – “ITAI~II DESU NEE~~!”

“MOTTO MOTTO~ ITAI~II DESU NEE~~!”–oh Akechi lksajld;adj

THIS EPISODE WAS VERY MANLY. I CRIED MANLY TEARS. It was like, holy crap, I jizzed in my pants. However, this one scene with Akechi vs. Kojuuro made me very happy in the pantsu. Seriously, Akechi, what’s with all the wailing and moaning? Ohgod, I can’t get enough of it (It’s rather brain breaking too in a way. It sounds like he’s having sex… with himself… or something lol.). Sho Hayami did a wonderful job voicing him throughout the entire series. Also, gratuitous amounts of Masamune’s engrish. A re-watch of this episode is in my plans for tonight orz, because honestly, I don’t know wtf I just saw but that was awesome, manly shit. And I’m sad the series has ended but…!! Continue reading ‘Sengoku BASARA ep. 12 – “ITAI~II DESU NEE~~!”’


Uplark’s Viral and Nia Teppelin Up for Pre-order!

FUCKYEA! Uplark’s Viral and Nia Teppelin are now up for pre-order over at Hobby Search. ETA: Viral and Nia are now available for pre-order at HobbyLink Japan; here and here!

Viral, measuring at a 1/8 scale, will be available this coming September 2009 for 7,800yen. Nia Teppelin, also measuring at a 1/8 scale, will be available this coming September 2009 for 6,800yen. More images of Viral and Nia at UpLark’s website.

I’ll wait until HobbyLink Japan puts them both up for pre-order tho, which should be any day now. I’ve been anxiously waiting to pre-order Viral ever since I saw his prototype. I hope the next few months fly by; can’t wait to have him in my hands *squeee*!! I still have to think if I want Nia… maybe I’ll get her too, orz. But seeing as I’m thinking of getting Nia, this makes me want to go back and get my hands on UpLark’s Yoko as well (even tho I did not like the sculpt as much)… Gotta love having complete sets of figures–(;゜Д゜)


Uplark’s Nia Teppelin

pro001-2Another website update from Uplark; they’ve finally added their upcoming Nia to their Gurren Lagann harem of figures!

Nia will be measuring at a scale of 1/8 and will stand about 190mm (about 19cm). She’ll retail at a price of 6,800yen and will be released this September 2009.

From the images, it looks like she’ll come with two interchangeable heads, along with two different versions of her hair; long and short. To me, her face seems a little odd. I think I prefer her with her mouth closed and smiling, orz.

Might get my hands on this. I’m not a big Nia fan but this figure is quite nice! NOW ALL WE NEED IS A SIMON FIGURE. WHERE IS IT, UPLARK?

More images after the jump.

Continue reading ‘Uplark’s Nia Teppelin’


Odaiba RX-78 Gundam Moves w/ SFX

Odaiba’s Gundam now moves! And they’ve finally added the mist and SFX too; it sounds like it’ll take off any minute! IT’S ALIIIIVE! I’m in awe.

Via; DannyChoo

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