Code Geass Model Works

hobbyjapan_001Hobby Japan Magazine will be releasing this Code Geass Model Works visual book jam-packed with Knightmare mechanisms, in depth information and pictures of Code Geass figures, models, sculpts, etc. From what I read and understood (my Japanese is not that great, orz), it’s like a compilation catalog containing all Geass related items, etcetc. It will also feature never before seen stuff.

Also, the magazine will have two special limited mail in order items; Actions figure C.C. and ROBOT soul 〈SIDE KMF〉 Galahad. The action figure C.C. (which I’m guessing will be 12 inches tall) looks pretty nice.

–Release date:June 30

The thing that really caught my attention, however, was the cover; it features two new, never before seen sculpts of Night of Zero, Kururugi Suzaku, and Emperor Lelouch–both sculpted by TOMO; the same sculptor who did this Suzaku, to which I really want to get my hands on–preferably a painted version, orz. I’ve seen some nice painted ones over at Yahoo!Japan auctions before but the prices are pretty hefty (tho, I won’t hesitate to spend hefty amounts of moola for painted versions of these two on the cover. WAT). I really–and I mean really wish his Geass sculpts would get PVC-ified–they are effin gorgeous!  /brb gawking at the cover forever. Do want do waaaaant!

I think I’ll be getting my hands on this book. The book is sure to contain some pretty nice stuff. But the only reason I want it is to get a closer look at those two sculpts on the cover; I’m expecting the book to have some great shots… THAT and because I’m just a Geass whore, overall.

Via; Moeyo

On a completely random topic, I just saw the live stream for FMA:B episode 10, and Hughes’ death… was so heartwrenching, it always gets to me. (;w;)

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