Sengoku BASARA ep. 12 – “ITAI~II DESU NEE~~!”

“MOTTO MOTTO~ ITAI~II DESU NEE~~!”–oh Akechi lksajld;adj

THIS EPISODE WAS VERY MANLY. I CRIED MANLY TEARS. It was like, holy crap, I jizzed in my pants. However, this one scene with Akechi vs. Kojuuro made me very happy in the pantsu. Seriously, Akechi, what’s with all the wailing and moaning? Ohgod, I can’t get enough of it (It’s rather brain breaking too in a way. It sounds like he’s having sex… with himself… or something lol.). Sho Hayami did a wonderful job voicing him throughout the entire series. Also, gratuitous amounts of Masamune’s engrish. A re-watch of this episode is in my plans for tonight orz, because honestly, I don’t know wtf I just saw but that was awesome, manly shit. And I’m sad the series has ended but…!!

Party’s not over yet! Via ANN:

Sengoku BASARA Second Season Scheduled For 2010
“The official website for Itsuro Kawasaki and Production I.G’s anime adaptation of the Sengoku Basara (Devil Kings) historical action-adventure videogame has confirmed that a second season will premiere in 2010.”

FUCKYEA! I had a hunch Production I.G. would make a second season. It’s like, how can this badass, manly anime end here? DO WANT MORE. I’m sure there’s still so much they need to show of the story. Come on, we didn’t even get any Motochika! (except a few seconds that we got of him in the last episode, which wasn’t enough… That was such a tease). 2010 seems so far away tho. But I’ll wait patiently.

I’ve also been listening to the BASARA anime OST’s on loop since yesteray; both OST’s are filled with gorgeous music. Masamune’s OST has got to be my favorite; it has most of the songs I love from the series. And as much as I love every single track on the OST’s, I think “DARK CLOUD~at the end of the road” would have to be my favorite (I call this Akechi’s theme, orz. Altho “cruel AND unusual” is more like his theme song). Now excuse me as I go listen to this track on loop for the rest of the night.

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