Odaiba Gundam Opening Ceremony

65-1I was going to post about this yesterday but it totally slipped my mind, orz.

After all the hard work that was put into building the 1/1 scale (18 meter tall, 35 ton) life size Gundam, the statue was finally unveiled in the opening ceremony that was held this past Friday, July 10th.

The event was attended by Amuro Ray’s seiyuu, Tohru Furuya, who opened the ceremony with “Green Tokyo Gundam Project, Ikimaasu!”. GACKT was also included among the special guests. More pics of the ceremony at Mainichi Mantan.

Again, the Gundam will be standing from July 11th to August 31st.

A few youtube videos of the opening ceremony after the jump; vids ganked via DannyChoo & Japan Probe. The ceremony looked amazing. Wish I could’ve seen it with my own eyes!

Opening Ceremony.

A video clip from Asahi Shimbun.

Fans gathering around for the opening ceremony.

Mezamashi TV morning news show was there to interview some fans.

UPDATE: Here’s a neat thing I ganked off Japantor. The tabloid Sankei.co.jp created a VR panorama that allows you to fly around the 1/1 scale Gundam from any angle; you can view it here. Looks pretty neat!

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