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Gundam 00 Movie Trailer

Alejandro/Ribbons scene from the movie:

About time someone uploads this. FFFFF holo!Tieria ( ; w;). And oh Lockon, DAT ASS. And that Alejandro/Ribbons scene… Sunrise is sure catering to the fangirls lol.


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood episode 28

Greed!Ling Yao has got to be the most amazing thing ever–OH MY PANTSUUU. That is all.

Oh, something else after the jump…

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Puchi Death Note Case File #02 Previews by Goodsmile Company

deathnotepuchi-05More Death Note Puchi’s incoming! Mikatan updated her blog with preview images of Case File #02! Reservations for the whole set will start in October 27, 2009.

Light and Mikami in their suits look very, very cute! Same goes for Near and his little toys and finger puppets. I’m tempted to grab these ( ; A;)! GSC stop making cute things–wait never stop.

Additional source; wcloudx kumo

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REVIEW: Viral by UpLark


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MegaHouse One Piece Strong Edition Releases

10100308a-2Strong Edition Roronoa Zoro from One Piece by MegaHouse will be available next February 2010 for 5,700 yen. He measures 22cm tall.

Strong Edition Nami, from One Piece, by MegaHouse will be available next February 2010 for 5,300 yen. She measures 20cm tall.

Both are versions from the upcoming One Piece movie premiering this coming December.

Hobby Search just put them both up for pre-order and It seems I won’t be able to restrain myself so I’m definitely putting Zoro on my order list once HLJ puts him up. HE LOOKS VERY AMAZING. It also looks like he’ll be coming with two heads? Nami looks gorgeous but I’m going to put her off until later. Zoro will be starting off my P.O.P collection it seems! ^^

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1/8 Sarugaki Hiyori and Nell by AlphaOmega

Aaaaaaah! What’s with all these figure releases for 2010?! I was browsing Hobby Search just now and look what they’ve put up for reservation:

This time we have a double release from AlphaOmega; Sarugaki Hiyori, measuring at a 1/8 scale (21cm), is slated for February 2010 release at 6,300 yen. Next we have Nell, measuring at a 1/8 scale (23cm), will also be coming out in February 2010 for 6,600 yen.

My thoughts on these two figures: Hiyori looks a bit odd to me–I think it’s her face that seems a bit off. Nell, on the other hand, looks fantastic! Might be grabbing these two at a later date after they’re released.

And speaking of figures, HLJ is about to ship my Viral (about time), so I’m excited about that! ( * w*)


MegaHobby EXPO – One Piece: STRONG WORLD

017The MegaHobby Expo event, which will run through October 2nd-4th, will be held in Akihabara UDX. A bunch of early coverage from the usual sources has been released and oh boy, MegaHouse is on a roll adding more to their P.O.P series. Then again, I guess that’s what was to be expected after their announcement at Chara Hobby 2009 of their upcoming 1/8 Luffy Strong Edition, and 1/8 Tony Tony Chopper Strong Edition figures.

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