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Spring 2010 Anime Line-Up

Finally, the Spring season for anime seems more interesting compared to the previous! Shows I’ll definitely watch and some try out are:

–Senko no Night Raid
–Yojo-han, Shinwa Taikei
–House of Five Leaves
–Heroman (oh, BONES!)
–Arakawa Under the Bridge
–Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
–Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
–Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitte Iru
–K-ON! (really excited for this one!)

–Gundam Unicorn
–Black Rock Shooter
–Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2
–Nodame Cantabile OAD
–Sex Pistols (YES, ABOUT TIME!)
–Ai no Kusabi (aaahh! yes, give my boy lovin’s!)

I’ve been waiting for Sex Pistols and Ai no Kusabi like burning.


Sega Grell

For a prize figure, Grell looks pretty fucking fine. Good thing I have him on pre-order. I didn’t like teacher Sebastian; his face looks odd. I sort of regret not pre-ordering Sega Ciel and the first Sebastian back then.

And this is my last rant for the night orz.


Black Sabbath

I had no idea Kuroiwa Akira (Black Sabbath) had passed away last August 2009–at the age of 37. He was the main sculptor for MegaHouse’s P.O.P line and also did UpLark’s Kamina and Viral. A memorial tribute exhibition was held for him at this past weekend’s Wonder Festival where they gathered all of his figure sculpts for the the public to view.

His sudden death is a huge loss for the figure industry, he was an amazing sculptor and my favorite to boot; I loved all his One Piece works. Viral and Kamina were among his most amazing pieces yet. What sad news ( ; w;).


Source: Moeyo

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G.E.M. Hijikata Toushiro

What the heck, MegaHouse. I want this in color not gold-plated. The sculpt looks hot and lol the mayo.

Unless they release a colored version I won’t be getting this. And I thought that was a whip he was holding–mayo whip! Quite disturbing yet amusing in a way… lol.

And knowing Hijikata, he must have gone through great lengths to get his hands on that expensive golden mayo.


Wonder Festival 2010

I hadn’t really planned to post about Wonfes. I didn’t see anything that would immediately go on my figure get-list. Sure, I did see a lot of fucking amazing figures–like those goddamn Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master figures that are tempting me so much it’s ridiculous–and all those K-ON! figures too, however, they’re not priorities. I was expecting for GSC to showcase the Sengoku BASARA nendoroid prototypes but I didn’t see them. I was also expecting for MegaHouse to show G.E.M. Hijikata but didn’t see him anywhere either. And whatever happened to that Ciel nendoroid? What’s the hold up, GSC?!?! My Sebastian is lonely. ( ; w;)–ahh so disappointing.

Oh, but wait, I did see those One Piece figures by MegaHouse again! Time to rant about them and other figures I thought were awesome.

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