Wonder Festival 2010

I hadn’t really planned to post about Wonfes. I didn’t see anything that would immediately go on my figure get-list. Sure, I did see a lot of fucking amazing figures–like those goddamn Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master figures that are tempting me so much it’s ridiculous–and all those K-ON! figures too, however, they’re not priorities. I was expecting for GSC to showcase the Sengoku BASARA nendoroid prototypes but I didn’t see them. I was also expecting for MegaHouse to show G.E.M. Hijikata but didn’t see him anywhere either. And whatever happened to that Ciel nendoroid? What’s the hold up, GSC?!?! My Sebastian is lonely. ( ; w;)–ahh so disappointing.

Oh, but wait, I did see those One Piece figures by MegaHouse again! Time to rant about them and other figures I thought were awesome.

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Crocodile painted! He’s looking pretty hot, oh yes he is. I think I might pre-order this. Release date is June 2010.

Strong Edition Sanji by MegaHouse! The painted version turned out awesome! July 2010 release.

Strong Edition Roronoa Zoro painted!


Holy shit, it’s Whitebeard! Oh MegaHouse are you trying to make me go broke? Why, yes you are.

All these P.O.P figures are piling up on me. I should start collecting them soon! ( ; w;)

Other stuff that caught my interest:

1/8 scale Black Rock Shooter Anime Version by Good Smile Company.

I didn’t like the first Black Rock Shooter figure GSC did but I’m really digging this anime version one! Do want. Might get.

1/8 Dead Master by Good Smile company. I love the scythe.

1/8 Dead Master Anime Version by Good Smile Company.

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid by Good Smile Company. Ah, she looks so cuuute!

Black Rock Shooter Figma Anime Version by Max Factory.

Dead Master Figma by Max Factory.

1/8 Love is War Hatsune Miku by Good Smile Company.

1/8 Senjougahara by Good Smile Company.

1/6 Makinami Mari Illustrious from Rebuild of Evangelion by Max Factory.

Azu~nyaaaaan! 1/8 Nakano Asuza by Alter.

1/8 Klan by MegaHouse. Now, where’s my Michel and Alto figs?

Sengoku BASARA Mouri Motonari and Motochika Chosokabe Revoltechs! ^o^

GSC, please make Mouri and Chika nendoroids too!

I would really love this if it weren’t for the fact that Natsume’s face looks odd.

And that’s it. Time to get some shut eye.

5 Responses to “Wonder Festival 2010”

  1. 1 Steve
    February 8, 2010 at 12:11 am

    Yeah sometimes I would like to be a One Piece fan, they are lucky look at those figures they gonna get.. amazing! One Piece P.O.P..

    It´s just My Opinion, but This Wonderfest: Poorly Presentaton.

    From all the Stupid Companies there,
    the Only Figure that make me say “OMG WHAT A FIGURE! DAMN!” was 1/8 Klan from MegaHouse.
    I am not a of Macross actually but for that Figure i Would be haha.

    As a Man, (VERY SAD)
    – I was Expecting that Alter continues with the Rebuild of Evangelion Line (in 2008 alter produced Rei ayanami Movie version) but still no news about Evangelon from Alter.

    – GSC Dissapointed me, those guys get Eva Liscense to produce Figures and they let Max Factory make Figma, but wait … Figma are Cool but NO WITH THOSE FACES. just take a look to the faces of those Evangelion 2.0 Figmas. 1/6 Mari… nothing amazing don´t impress me.

    – Oh Wow!! What Smart people.. what a cool idea from Megahouse to use the Evangelon liscense in the smartest way ever…. producing: a BIG PILLOW (LOL)
    – And Of Course Alpha Omega, No news.. No Restock… simply… Fuck You.


    – You know Haru… in March Kotobukya is gonna to re-release Shinji Iraki & Kaworu Nagisa (orignal Fgures from 2007)yes yes haru.. male figures! Yeihh! hahahaha. But Kotobukiya just show us the Same 1/6 scale eva Figures and a new 1/8 Rei ayanami that maybe i will buy cause i just Love EVANGELION. I was Expecting for teh Shinji & Kaworu, and Also for the other Re-release of Rei &Asuka Together… hoping a newws paintng and more but no prsens of those Figures.

    – K-On! K-On! K-On! The same thing happened years ago with Suzumiya. Are You Kidding me? 1 season is enough to control all japaneses minds? Fuck Kyoto animation. as a Curiosity in this Wonfest the only company that made something about Suzumiya was GSC.

    – G.E.M.???!! G.E.M.???!!! G.E.M., Where are Youuu??? G.E.M. What Happened to you? where are the GEM Figures? Where are the Announcements? Gintama s gonna have Figure Line. But Code Geass…
    What Happened? Code Geass was just the Test? Suzaku Figure No at All? Zero Figure rght Now is Impossible to get so MegaHosue doesn´t care.. oh Sure “put three times in ReStock One Piece Figures but Code Geass Fgure Not at all baby” FUCK MEGAHOUSE. ok “Gintoki Figure Restock in April but Zero Figure from Code Geass No more.. Code Geass s Over so The Code Geass Figure Line too da da da dada!”

    -Alter to Produce Male Figures, Nice but c`mon dude!! with that Odd Face that you put to your fisrt male figure.. girls is gonna hate you. Alter better go to ask for the Service of Heavy Gauge Sculpters they are cool. Search for this: “エクセレントモデル 聖闘士星矢” and you will see.

    Just That for Now.

    I Hope that in the Next events.. MegaHobby Expo (MegaHouse nad Alter) show us more interesting things. use better the Evangelion liscense (Could you Imagine the whole cast of Evaneglion made by MegaHouse?) would be like One Piece P.O.P.. and WOW.
    In Any Event that Kotobukiya Participate… well just Please Koto show us more Future Figures.


    • 2 Haru
      February 8, 2010 at 4:25 am

      Yeah, MegaHouse puts more attention to their P.O.P line–I imagine it’s their #1 line. So many P.O.P fans out their it seems. It’ll take me forever to collect them all if they keep releasing P.O.P figures at this speed LOL.

      Wonfess lacked a bit for me. It didn’t really have anything I’d be into 100%. I might get that Black Rock Shooter Anime Version figure though lol. And yes! The 1/8 Klan from MegaHouse was awesome; now I wish they’d make figures for Alto and Michel, then I’d be tempted to get the Macross F girls too lolol.

      –I see you’re a huge Evangelion fan! It would be nice to see some very nice 1/8 scaled Evangelion figures of all the main characters–I think I’d buy them all myself too if they existed and if the sculpts are amazing. I wasn’t too into Alter’s Rebuild of Evangelion Rei; her face looks a bit odd to me and the whole laying down pose didn’t interest me. I wonder if they’ll get around to doing Asuka?

      Since you’re an EVA fan, did you like those Medicom RAH’s and will you be getting them too? Or have you gotten any already? (^^)

      –As for GSC/Max Factory, I didn’t take a very close look at the Evangelion figma faces. The overall impression I got when I glimpsed at them was that they looked nice. I thought the 1/6 Mari looked very nice too, haha.

      –I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I’ve seen some Sengoku Basara merchandise from MegaHouse, like pillows, phone straps, etcetc–where are the BASARA figures, MegaHouse? I want some! I think MegaHouse would make great Evengelion figures if they put their minds into it. I’m always impressed with their work; reason why I wish they’d make figures of the characters I love! (MALES OF COURSE LOL) (ToT)


      –I’m not a huge EVA fan, otherwise I’d get my hands on Koto’s Shinji & Kaworu; I thought the sculpt on those two looked nice when I first saw it years ago. I also think that if figure companies are going to make figures of the females, they should make figures of their male counterparts–I think most of us like to have complete sets with the whole cast included. MALE FIGURES, WHY MUST YOU BE NEGLECTED?! (ToT)

      –Lol I think GSC is going overboard with all the Suzumiya figures–I never really got into the series so I don’t really care. I’m into K-ON! So I’m happy to see many figures of the K-ON girls, yet I’m unhappy at the same time because I can’t afford them all! (^^);;; I’m thinking of buying all of the K-ON girls by Alter (school uniform ones only). I have Yui pre-ordered at the moment, orz.

      –Yeah, G.E.M. is somewhat disappointing me. I was really hoping to see Hijikata at Wonfes but maybe they’ll show him at MegaHobby EXPO *crosses fingers*. AND YEAH! I was hoping MegaHouse would make a Suzaku (and other male Code Geass characters) for their G.E.M. line but they didn’t (again, what a disappointment, orzzzzz). I wish MegaHouse would put out as many figures for G.E.M. like they do for their P.O.P line, orz (but then I’d be broke…). Have you collected any male figures from their G.E.M. line? Well, they only have three out so far, but still lolol. P.O.P gets so many re-releases but I think that’s a good thing–more for everyone! It boggles me why they haven’t re-released Zero yet, I think he’s on high demand and almost everywhere I look I see someone wanting him, orz.

      –Oh, I love Heavy Gauge and I actually own those MegaHouse Saint Seiya figures! Very nice sculpts! (^^)

      Me too me too! I expect great things from MegaHobby EXPO. Seeing the whole Evangelion cast made by MegaHouse would be awesome–I’d be tempted to buy them all. Oh my poor wallet, lol.

      Haha, thanks for the super long comment; I enjoyed reading through it and ranting to you in return. (^^);;;

  2. 3 Steve
    February 9, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Thanks Haru, You Know I just Remeber something.

    Alter People back in 2008 were announcing Rei Ayanami Figure in June. (June 5th 2008)
    Rei ayanami based n Evangelion 1.0 and The DVD had been released in April 2008.
    And Also remember that Before MOVIC and other company had produced their own rei ayanmi versions. so Alter formula is Figure after the DVD. like they do with ikkitousen: First finish the season and then the Figure is release.

    So DVD of Evangelion 2.0 is gonna to be release in late May this year (2010)
    So I guess that Maybe… sorry I mean “MAYBE” by the time pass two months after the DVD release (June or July) Alter would have announced 1 or 2 figures based in Evangelion 2.0. Could be Asuka and Mari… . and if they choose to do the same that they did with Ikkitousen and Other Figures.. there is a Posibility that they re-release Rei ayanami with better face details, because yor are right Haru, rei´s face is not even atracctive and Please Chabge that Horrible Box that is too difficult to close they Should Use the regular Boxes that they Do. Rei ayanmi Box is bad, and have Specals adhesive tapes and i lost one of the three that the base have and so magine the Problem. I just like the sexy pose. all we know that Rei ayanami´s face have to be neutral but not unattractive. In conclusion I Just Buyit because am a Fan, and Alter Quality is good, but if they re-released and Improve some things in that Fgure would be great for all. Hey Haru can You pray at nights and ask to god for Alter´s Asuka & Mari Figures?

    Haru, Evangelion is a very interesting Anime, it´s cool if you watch it with your mnd very open. you know that It´s Short just 26 episodes, a lot of Psycologcal Things Plus you can see Evangelion death & Rebirth DVD. that is all anime in resume.
    And The End of Evangleion Film is terrific.

    I know that the Guys in that Anime are not like “Oh wow what a Males” but Shinji is kind of stupid, sad and Cute for the Girls. ah ah! I almost Forget the cool guy Ryōji Kaji, he is Sexy for all the ladies out there.

    Well, actually the thing that make a Absolutly Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan was The Evangleon Official Manga that is draw by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto: Excellent Piece of Art. well don´t know you haru but am 21 and know iam kind of sick about fan service.. anime without any basic story or stupid stories, that´s why my favourites animes ever are Code Geass (just the first season) and Evangelion. and to kill time Dragon ball orother shounen.

    By this tme it´s hard to find a good anime, I noticed that ths days japanese animation and mangas are like wh*res now.

    something i was going to say is that one time HLJ guy scott somethng told me that PVC Figures are produced accordng the Japanese demands, so megahouse, Alter, GSC don´t care about us. don´t care about Americaand europe. so maybe that´s why they dont produce large lines of male figures. i remember that MegaHouse produced a couple of guys from Gundam seed. and the main guy from other Gundam anime. so they can create lines based n any anime but first consider what kind of publc wtach it.

    Remember that Code geass First season was aired at Nights , was an Anime for mature people, that´s why the first Figure were C.C. and Kallen, both very sexys.
    Then I do´not know what the hell happen they change code geass into a a Fan service anime, I mean they become code geass in more anime crap. they change the hour no more at nghts now Sundays at afternoon. and i noticed that they put some yaoi elements so then after they become Code geass into a Bitch they produced G.E.M.´s ZERO. and Villetta and Shirley in their “fan servce” cloth.

    the only thng we can do is expect that ths situaton is gonna change n japan, that MegaHouse back to basics and take the liscenses to make huge lines with main characters (males, females, pets etc lol) with good animes like gundam seed, Code geass, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Evangelion. I am really sure that someday is gonna to appear a great anime that people around the world will love , like happen with code geass
    Now that Alter gonna produce male figures, well better they choose good ones based n good animes and don´t any shit out there.

    sorry for my words but am not 17 anymore, snce 2007 I start to thnk that animation world have to be take like that… animation… especially with animes, anime industry is so under now comparng with 90s.
    And i would love company work in 2 series per season and make great stories and great animation, and no more fan service.

    am really sure that with that changes Pvc Figures companies would make better goodies and stop repeting anmes Figures (Animes that i bet my home, in 5 years people is gonna to forget)

    see you at february 20th 2010 to see what´s going on in MegaHobby Event

    Psdta: I am not against kotobukiya but… Evangelion figures line by Megahouse, Alter, alpha-omega and Good smile company Please GOD!!!! Pray with me HARU, and tell to your friends

    • 4 Haru
      February 9, 2010 at 3:14 am

      Sorry if my reply is all over the place and messy (^^);

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love Evangelion and I’ve seen everything there is to see about the series and the manga (Yoshiyuki Sadamoto = amazing!). I just have priorities when it comes to buying figures. I try to stick with series I’m really into only when buying characters goods and figures, orz. I wish I could buy many figures from many different series but that’s kind of impossible (^^);;; Then again, if a figure is aesthetically appealing to my eye, then I’ll definitely grab the chance to own it even if I’m not so much into the series (like that Black Rock Shooter figure I want for example lol).

      Maybe they’ll release a figure or two after the second dvd release like you say! (^^) Both Asuka and Mari would be nice. Yeah, they could touch up Rei’s face a bit should they decide to re-release her lol.

      Lol I’m not so into Shinji, I’m more of a Kaworu fangirl. And do want a Ryoji Kaji figure! (ToT) He is one sexy guy!

      I think I prefer old school anime like Evangelion, the old Gundam series’, Macross Plus, Cowboy Bebop, just to name a few. The animation back then was beyond amazing compared to the animation now. And yeah, there has been alot of fanservice in anime lately but I guess I don’t mind that much if the story is interesting and actually has a plot somewhat. I usually don’t watch anything that goes overboard with fanservice, which nowadays consists of half naked girls showing off their boobs lol. However, give me Yaoi any day, I’ll definitely take that LOL! I love Code Geass, and while I agree that the series was full of fanservice, and to put it bluntly, it was a trainwreck, I still loved it, both seasons that is (even the fanservice was kinda nice, I’ll admit).

      Yeah, the demand out there is basically coming from the male consumers (which of course, what do they usually ask for? girl figures). I wish they’d pay attention to the female consumers because I know the figure companies would get alot of moola from us if they started making tons of male figures–they just don’t really know how hungry we are for male figures, let me put it that way LOL). I think MegaHouse has noticed this though, reason why they started their G.E.M. line for us girls, which makes me happy but I wish they’d pop out males figures at the same speed they release for their P.O.P line. And I actually have the Gundam Seed male figures by MegaHouse.

      I really liked Alpha Omega’s fanservicey Viletta (own her), and I actually want to get Kallen and Shirley at some point too. Now that you mentioned Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, it’s sad that there’s only been one good decent 1/8 PVC of Kamina and Viral. Disappointing! I see all those Yoko’s they’ve made (which by now there must be over 20 Yoko figures), but only one PVC Kamina and Viral? Sad.

      I hope Alter will do a good job with the whole male figure thing. We’ll just have to wait and see (^^);; And here’s to Alter or MegaHouse or GSC on making decent 1/8 figures of the whole main Evangelion cast!

      Can’t wait for February 20th!

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