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Summer 2010 Anime Line-Up

Annnnd Summer anime chart is out! Looks to me like there aren’t so many interesting series, but this is version 1 so maybe more will be added later? Let’s hope! Shows I’ll definitely watch and some try out are:

–Sengoku BASARA
–Kuroshitsuji II
–Highschool of the Dead
–Occult Academy
–Nurarihyon no Mago
–Tono to Issho

Sengoku BASARA is really the only one I’m looking forward to this season–oh, my impatient burning soul has been waiting for this manly series to arrive! ffff

As for Kuroshitsuji II, I’ll be open minded and give it a try. Despite it not having Sebastian nor Ciel the new Butler and Master are quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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