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Life Size Odaiba Gundam PhotoBook

Real-G_photobookShueisha has launched a photobook, 「Real-G~1/1scale GUNDAM Photographs~」, that documents plenty of gorgeous photographs of the statues conceptualization, construction and unveiling.

The book, being sold for 1,050yen and released this July 30th, contains 96 pages of Gundam epic-ness. The photobook also includes interviews of the staff that were involved in the project.

The book can be found at but is currently sold out. A MUST HAVE FOR ME so I hope they put more copies back in stock soon, otherwise I’ll have to special order it from Sasuga Books or something.

Moeyo | Akiba Blog

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Code Geass Model Works

hobbyjapan_001Hobby Japan Magazine will be releasing this Code Geass Model Works visual book jam-packed with Knightmare mechanisms, in depth information and pictures of Code Geass figures, models, sculpts, etc. From what I read and understood (my Japanese is not that great, orz), it’s like a compilation catalog containing all Geass related items, etcetc. It will also feature never before seen stuff.

Also, the magazine will have two special limited mail in order items; Actions figure C.C. and ROBOT soul 〈SIDE KMF〉 Galahad. The action figure C.C. (which I’m guessing will be 12 inches tall) looks pretty nice.

–Release date:June 30

The thing that really caught my attention, however, was the cover; it features two new, never before seen sculpts of Night of Zero, Kururugi Suzaku, and Emperor Lelouch–both sculpted by TOMO; the same sculptor who did this Suzaku, to which I really want to get my hands on–preferably a painted version, orz. I’ve seen some nice painted ones over at Yahoo!Japan auctions before but the prices are pretty hefty (tho, I won’t hesitate to spend hefty amounts of moola for painted versions of these two on the cover. WAT). I really–and I mean really wish his Geass sculpts would get PVC-ified–they are effin gorgeous!  /brb gawking at the cover forever. Do want do waaaaant!

I think I’ll be getting my hands on this book. The book is sure to contain some pretty nice stuff. But the only reason I want it is to get a closer look at those two sculpts on the cover; I’m expecting the book to have some great shots… THAT and because I’m just a Geass whore, overall.

Via; Moeyo

On a completely random topic, I just saw the live stream for FMA:B episode 10, and Hughes’ death… was so heartwrenching, it always gets to me. (;w;)


Kamina and Simon Illustration Collection

m03750077-01Several scans from the newly released Kamina and Simon Illustration Collection book have been posted over at Anime Paper. And holy crap, do I need to get my hands on this book. I highly approve of Rocker Kamina; he looks pretty fucking sweet playing bass guitar–and pretty damn hot too (OH, THOSE TATS FFFFF). I don’t know what to think of that last Simon/Rossiu image (which you can see after the cut). But according to this ‘lagann-speak’ chart, the writing on the sand says ‘suki’ which means like/love, lolol. Those two sure are getting it on… good. And I still wonder, I can’t figure out if Simon’s actually wearing some sort of tight shorts or if that’s just Rossiu’s leg shadow (I’m leaning more towards the latter)… this image breaks my brain in many sorts of ways. But in a good way… I think, lmao. And what the heck is that green goo they’re rubbing on eachother sdl;asdk’ OH GAINAX.

I… MUST… HAVE… THIS… ASAP! I’m ecstatic they made an artbook featuring only the boys from Gurren Lagann. I HOPE WE GET SOME KITTAN IN HERE TOO. Can’t wait to see what other delicious illustrations this book contains!

And speaking of Gurren Lagann, I saw the first movie a few days ago and I loved it. IT WAS VERY AWESOME, I CRIED MANLY TEARS. Even tho it was basically a recap of the first few episodes of the series I still enjoyed it very much. Now to wait for the second movie!

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Gundam 00 HARO Multi Storage Box

bandai-gp0030l2I just ordered myself this fabulous Haro storage box! Gah, it’s so cute.  There are two colors available to choose from; Orange and Red. Obviously I went with the orange, tho if I had money swimming around in my wallet I would have gotten the red one too. (T A T);;

He measures 25cm in diameter (He’s huge! It’s the exact same size as Lockon’s haro). There’s a button at the top of his head which you push to pop open his ears. You can store whatever you want in it~

Scheduled release date is late March 2009. HobbyLink Japan just opened pre-orders for both Orange and Red and cost a bit less than the original retail price which is, 3,129yen.


Kuroshitsuji merchandise

There’s alot of Kuroshitsuji merchandise that is coming out. These are scans that were taken from the Kuroshitsuji Livejournal community (I take no credit for scanning). Hopefully I can get my hands on some of this stuff because everything is just so gorgeous. Like the silverware set and the tea cup set. DO WANT. Apparently G-Fantasy is running special mail-in goods for Kuroshitsuji so I’m not sure if some of these will be widely available for the public. (T A T);;;

The Sebastian and Ciel figures by Square Enix were announced some time ago (which I regret not trying to get my hands on sooner as they are practically ALL sold out by now ffffffff), so that’s kind of old news but the rest of the merchandise is pretty amazing. Most of the jewelry & accessories you see here are available online to order at the SQUARE ENIX SHOP. However, some items are already sold out.  (T A T)

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