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Yoko’s 『S.t.a.r.S』 Full PV

Talk about fanservice; every bit of this video was uhh delicious?–Oh Yoko, you so fine. I really loved the scene with Kittan during that high school part. And Yoko at the convini when Kamina walks in; I was totally waiting for him to show up the entire time (;w;). Fashion model Yoko was amazing; she looked gorgeous! I loved all her outfits! a;skdjlas The whole thing, I loved it. It’d be pretty amazing if they did this for Kamina; more like a rock PV featuring the boys only–do want.

Very tempted to buy the DVD for this, which was released today, btw. Reviews of the DVD boxset can be found over at Moeyo and Akiba Blog. The boxset includes the PV, the CD single, an interview with Inoue Marina, a 132pg booklet filled with concept art from the video, and other shiny stuff~



Watched the SWITCH OVA a while ago and my god, am I in love with MIRANOSAND. Miranosand is the band that does the OP (and ED) for the ova and it’s so amazing. Time to have the OP on repeat on Winamp for the next few days, orz. Glad I found a new band to obsess over–I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO IIIIIIIIIT!


Gundam 00 Voice Actor single 4 Allelujah Haptism [Yoshino Hiroyuki]

Gunadm 00 Voice Actor single Allelujah Haptism It’s 4:39am and I’m up listening to Allelujah’s voice actor single. Apparently it got leaked before the release date–November 19, orz. And I will admit, I like it. “Taiyo” would have to be my favorite. “After image” sounds so moooeeee–his voice is just lkasdjasd so cute. I have this infatuation with Yoshino Hiroyuki’s voice, obviously.

Though srsly? Lockon’s (Miki Shinichiro) single will always be my top favorite. It has more of a rock vibe and that’s what I love about it. “Answer” is such an amazing song it gives my brain ideas on a Gundam Meister rock band, as silly as it sounds, lol. Lockon would be vocals/guitar, Allelujah would be guitar, Setsuna on bass, and Tieria on drums(?). I need to draw this shit out someday. It’s itching to be on paper.

I think my day/night has been full of Gundam 00. Episode 7 was a mix of rage/epic/spazzing and just–so many jumbled feelings, orz. It took me some time to process the whole thing (will rant about the whole episode in the next post). The dissapointing part is that subs aren’t out yet, as they should be (but then again, GG has been releasing G00 subs late for the past 2-3weeks). I am half tempted to download a Spanish subtitled version. Other than that, my night was mostly filled with Gunadm 00 smut fanfic and the like, lolololol. Yes, I went thru all 9 pages of the Gundam 00 kinkmeme over at Lj.


Gundam00 S2 ending “Prototype” by Chiaki Ishikawa

Here’s the full PV for “Prototype” by Chiaki Ishikawa; Gundam00 S2 ending. The whole song is lovely to listen to ヾ(´∀`)ノ゛; my favorite G00 ending so far. Can’t wait until the single is released! Release date: 2008/12/03

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