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Code Geass Model Works

hobbyjapan_001Hobby Japan Magazine will be releasing this Code Geass Model Works visual book jam-packed with Knightmare mechanisms, in depth information and pictures of Code Geass figures, models, sculpts, etc. From what I read and understood (my Japanese is not that great, orz), it’s like a compilation catalog containing all Geass related items, etcetc. It will also feature never before seen stuff.

Also, the magazine will have two special limited mail in order items; Actions figure C.C. and ROBOT soul 〈SIDE KMF〉 Galahad. The action figure C.C. (which I’m guessing will be 12 inches tall) looks pretty nice.

–Release date:June 30

The thing that really caught my attention, however, was the cover; it features two new, never before seen sculpts of Night of Zero, Kururugi Suzaku, and Emperor Lelouch–both sculpted by TOMO; the same sculptor who did this Suzaku, to which I really want to get my hands on–preferably a painted version, orz. I’ve seen some nice painted ones over at Yahoo!Japan auctions before but the prices are pretty hefty (tho, I won’t hesitate to spend hefty amounts of moola for painted versions of these two on the cover. WAT). I really–and I mean really wish his Geass sculpts would get PVC-ified–they are effin gorgeous!  /brb gawking at the cover forever. Do want do waaaaant!

I think I’ll be getting my hands on this book. The book is sure to contain some pretty nice stuff. But the only reason I want it is to get a closer look at those two sculpts on the cover; I’m expecting the book to have some great shots… THAT and because I’m just a Geass whore, overall.

Via; Moeyo

On a completely random topic, I just saw the live stream for FMA:B episode 10, and Hughes’ death… was so heartwrenching, it always gets to me. (;w;)


Sum more Zero

megahouse_zero01I WANT THIS FIGURE IN MY HANDS ALREADYYYYYY~ The stand/base looks pretty awesome. I need to shut up about this figure, lol. How many times have I posted about it? ORZ.

Pic from HobbyStock; taken at MegaHobby EXPO 2009


MegaHouse GEM Series Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Zero 1/8 PVC up for reservation

fig-ipn-0297_03-2Zero is finally up for reservation over at Hobby Search, Toys Logic, Kid Nemo & your other trusty online figure shops! SHIT, I’M SO EXCITED. This is such a drop dead gorgeous figure. I can’t stop gawking, lolol.

As part of MegaHouse‘s new line-up series, G.E.M, comes this 1/8 Zero PVC which stands 24.5cm tall. Scheduled release date  is April 2009. Retailing at 7,980yen. The figure comes with a few extras; a pair of interchangeable arms, the sword, the helmet, his removable cape of course and it comes with an interchangeable facial expression as well.

More pics below the cut, or check out Hobby Search and AmiAmi.

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more Code Geass figure ranting

I don’t think I’ll stop talking about these two figures until I have them both in my hands and do a nice review on them, orz. Moeyo posted some pics of the new promo poster ads for the upcoming figures of Villetta Nu (by Alpha x Omega) and Lelouch/Zero (by MegaHouse). The figure will star in MegaHouse’s new line-up series named G.E.M (much like their P.O.P series, etc). And the best news yet? G.E.M is geared towards female customers. HELL YES. He will also be on display at the upcoming Mega Hobby Expo event on Febuary 11th, 2009.

A release date and price have also been revealed. Scheduled release date will be April 2009 and he will retail at 7,980yen. Info on Alpha x Omega’s Villetta Nu was announced a while back, so not really going to talk about her today, lol.

Will be stalking HobbyLink Japan to put in my pre-order for him. He’ll be taking a huge chunk out of my wallet when April comes around. (T A T);; But I’m pretty sure he’ll be totally worth it!


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Alpha x Omega Villetta Nu

alphaxomega-villettanuUHM. DO FUCKING WANT. The colored version for Alpha x Omega’s Villetta Nu is finally out. SHE’S STUNNING. (T A T)!! It’s too bad, I was expecting news on the colored version for MegaHouse’s Lelouch/Zero, but none so far in this months issue of Hobby Japan magazine.

This 1/8 scale Villetta Nu figure is scheduled for release in April 2009, retailing at a price of 6,615yen. Now, excuse me as I continue to gawk at Villetta’s curvaceous figure and arse…

source; figure/GK


Sunrise Hints New Code Geass


On December 10, the January issue of Gakken’s Animedia magazine published a quote from the Sunrise anime studio’s Code Geass unit for its New Year’s feature, “2009 Love & Beef”*:

“All of you have shown us much appreciation and made the DVDs as well as the CDs so popular. Really, we have been blessed with fervent fans…. Thank you very much. Like we have said before, [a major character development happened] but Geass cannot die. It just ended, but we think it would be nice if we can still do something more. In any case, when we can announce something, in the not-so-distant future…”

source; ANN

Wooooow. What? Code Geass season 3? Or perhaps an OVA? But Lelouch is dead (BUT KNOWING SUNRISE, THEY CAN BRING DEAD PEOPLE BACK TO LIFE); this new Code Geass which they speak of wouldn’t be the same without Lelouch, orz. WE NEED THE FABULOUS POSES, MANIACAL LAUGHS, AND HIS BRILLIANT IDEAS/PLANS. But hey, I’m still excited–if this ends up being true–with whatever they will shit out. Can’t get enough of Code Geass (well, at least for me!).

And rofl, I will be updating like an idiot within the next few days as I’ve been so behind on… everything.


MegaHouse’s Zero and Alpha x Omega’s Villetta Nu

zerofigOHMYGOD. FINALLY. I AM SO EXCITED. From the latest Hobby Japan & scans via figure/GK, more news on the highly awaited Lelouch/Zero figure is out! (well, highly awaited on my part, that is!). I’ve been anxiously waiting more news on this figure since I last saw a preview of it from the last Hobby Japan magazine. I remember telling a fellow friend of mine back then how much I wanted this certain sculpt of Zero to be made into PVC (taken at WONFES 2008). The sculpt and pvc version are the same, but looks like they added extra stuff on the pvc version.

Anyway, this upcoming 1/8 scale figure of ‘Zero’ from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 is by MegaHouse. The figure stands at 24.5cm in height (that is pretty big). Release date and price still undecided. Can’t wait to see the colored version!

Looking at the prototype, this is by far the most amazing figure of Zero to date (besides the Zero action doll by projectBM!). The figure comes with extra accessories (like the belt and sword). The cape is removable and the head is detachable so you can replace it with the helmet. It also looks like his left hand is movable and/or replaceable, since it extends and bends as you can see in the image below.

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