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Bandai’s Armor Plus EX gear featuring Alto Saotome

FIG-IPN-0584_02I remember I used to rant to a friend about how much I wanted some decent scaled male Macross Frontier figures–I’m still hoping MegaHouse will release some nice ones in the near future as part of their G.E.M. line. However, Bandai has beaten everyone to the curve by releasing this articulated Alto.

This highly poseable Alto figure will come with his removable EX-gear flight suit, rifle, interchangeable heads, and optional hands. Wings are expandable and a pilot seat display base will also be included. He’s going to be released this September 2009 at a retail price of 7,875yen. Pre-orders are up over at Hobby Search and HobbyLink Japan!

FUCK YEAH, BANDAI. Now give us a Michel.

With all these August/September releases I fear for my wallet. It will cry. More images after the jump! — Via; Tomopop/Tamashii website

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New Figure Reservations! Sheryl Nome & Gintoki

alphaomega-sherylnome2Although I’m a huge fan of Macross Frontier, I’m not the hugest fan of Sheryl Nome. She annoyed me in the anime most of the time, orz. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try to get my hands on a few Sheryl Nome figures–especially if she’s wearing her Dominatrix Cop Outfit, she looks rather hot in it, I daresay. When it comes to figures, I’m a whore for them, expecially if they are sculpted nicely, and this is such a lovely Sheryl figure that I must have. So maybe I might just pre-order her. Now I only wish MegaHouse would do some nice Macross F. male figures–I’d buy those in a heartbeat!

Sheryl Nome, of Macross Frontier, measures at a scale of 1/8 (21cm). She’s scheduled to be released in August 2009. Retailing at 6,800yen. More pics of Sheryl over at Amiami. She’s available for pre-order over at Hobby Search.

megahouse-gintoki2-1Now here’s a little problem, orz, MegaHouse has a new release from their latest G.E.M. lineup (which is geared towards female customers, btw), Sakata Gintoki! He measures at a scale of 1/8 (24.5cm), and will be released this August 2009. Retailing at 6,600yen. More pics of Gintoki over at Amiami. Gintoki also up for pre-order over at Hobby Search. I think I’ll wait for HLJ to put him up.

He looks fabulous! I’m definintely pre-ordering him. It’s funny tho, when I got my MegaHouse Zero/Lelouch in the mail a few days ago I was thinking what figure will they release next for their G.E.M. lineup, and ohoho, IT’S GINTOKI!

It seems the G.E.M. lineup will be good for those who collect male figures.

But anyway, the ‘little problem‘, I’d rather get my hands on Gintoki than Sheryl. Not sure if I can afford to buy both as I have other pre-orders that’ll be filled by July/August. So I’m in a pinch Σ(゜д゜;) WAT! Knowing me tho, I’ll end up getting Sheryl in the end, somehow, lolol.


Hobby Japan June Issue – MegaHouse’s Sheryl Nome Preview

hobbyjapan6_alphaomega_sherylnomeYESSSSS! From the latest Hobby Japan magazine, here’s a preview scan featuring the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier by Megahouse.

She’s scheduled to be released in Summer 2009, retailing at a price of 7,140yen.

And it looks like she’s a cast off figure too. Tho, I like her more in her dominatrix cop outfit. She looks fantastic all nice and painted! She’s definintely on my TO-GET list, ohoho!

And looks like we’re getting more new Sheryl and Ranka figures! The prototypes look pretty awesome~

ganked via figure/GK

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