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Kaworu Nagisa RAH by Medicom

kaworunagisa-RAH2Time to whore over Medicom. :D

Back in June Medicom held an exhibition showcasing tons of awesome stuff, among that was a half prototype of Medicom’s upcoming Kaworu Nagisa. Just recently several full images of the complete prototype have surfaced so now we get to view him in full glory. I love the detail on his plugsuit (and might I add, purple suits him perfectly!). His hair is really something too; the tinge of shading on his hair looks very nice but I’ll be skeptical until I see the final product. And you need a little more tush there, Kaworu ^^;. Aside from his piercing hip bones, overall he looks incredible.

He’s scheduled for April 2010 release at 17,640yen. These Evangelion 2.0 RAH’s would look hella awesome standing side by side.

Sometimes I just want to give in and indulge on all these Medicom RAH’s that I want–and there are several of them, lemme tell you. It wouldn’t do my wallet any good as it would require me to spend hundreds.

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Medicom RAH Kaworu from Evangelion

medicom-kaworuFrom the recently held Medicom Toy exhibition, which will be held from June 20th to June 29th at Parco Factory in Tokyo, Medicom has revealed one of their upcoming Action Dolls they’re currently working on: Kaworu from Evangelion. He’s currently in his prototype stage; his upper body was the only part shown at the exhibition. No price or release date yet.

Aaaaaah! I’m actually excited about this. You could say Kaworu is my favorite character from the Evangelion series so I’m excited Medicom is making an action doll of him. However, I saw this coming a mile away. They’re releasing Shinji, (and re-releasing) Rei, and Asuka later this year–Kaworu is the only one left. Might put him on my TO-GET list depending on my other future figure expenditures, orz.

More images of the exhibition at Toy World!


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Jotaro Kujo Medicom RAH

jotarokujo_medicomO-ohmygod. Medicom will be the death of… my wallet. VERY DO WANT.

From the latest Hobby Japan magazine, Medicom shows us this… awfully sexy (yeah, that’s a good description of it lol) Jotaru Kujo RAH from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that’ll be coming out. If I read correctly, the scan is a blur, he will retail at a price of 18,690yen and will be released in October 2009; he’s quite on the pricey side (what RAH isn’t? lol) but that’s enough time to save up for it.  Aaaah, I still need to get my hands on Captain Harlock which is out already. aksdklsdj;

Jotaro, you have such fabulous poses there.

ganked via; Toysdaily.

EDIT: Amiami has listed Jotaro. More images via the link.


ProjectBM! Kiva

projectbm-kivaI wasn’t planning on posting about this because, well, I already did (sorta) in the Rei Ayanami post down below. But heck, whatever, it deserves its own post, lmao.

ANYWAY, ProjectBM’s Kiva has been officially listed. He’s due out in September 2009 and will retail at 19,740yen. Most online shops will be selling him at a lower price of  around 15,792yen.

It comes with various accessories, including an extra right leg which transforms into his “bat” leg. I’m not really familiar with Kamen Riders so I’m not sure of the correct terminology for some of the accessories here. But even so, this is going on my TO-GET list.

He has a nice butt, btw.

More pics over at Amiami!


Medicom RAH Rei Ayanami movie version

rei-medicom-hjAfter their announcement of the Shinji Ikari movie ver. RAH, Medicom now brings us a Rei Asuka Plugsuit Movie Version RAH. Gotta say, this version looks way nicer than the previous version. Looks like the knee pads will be printed on but I think I prefer them more that way than the old version. The body sculpt looks amazing and the hair and face look nicer.

Scheduled release date is September 2009 and she’ll retail at 17, 640yen. More pics over at Toysdaily.

I foresee an Asuka Langley RAH in the near future too. I am now very tempted to just buy the whole new set of EVA RAH’s. I wonder how I’ll manage that, orz.

I’m still waiting on that Captain Harlock RAH, goddammit!

Oh, and speaking of Evangelion, I want this but the price is just ridiculous. (24,990yen)

UPDATE; Amiami just updated their site a while ago and added Rei Ayanami and Kiva. Kiva looks amazing! (゜O゜;)


Medicom Evangelion Shinji Ikari and ProjectBM! Kiva

06215Medicom, what are you trying to do to my wallet?

Medicom will be releasing this gorgeous Shinji Ikari Plugsuit Movie version RAH. Scheduled release date is August 2009 and will retail at 17,640yen. I missed out on the Rei and Asuka RAH’s back then (tho, I wasn’t really interested in them anyway. I prefer male RAH’s, thank you.). It would be amazing if they released a Kaworu too in the near future or something because DO WANT. I’ll try to get my hands on this one when it comes out. I’m still waiting for the Captain Harlock RAH to come out. But who knows if I’ll be able to get him when he’s released, my wallet is super dry, lololol dammit.

I think Medicom needs to stick with anime stuff, that’s where they truly excel when it comes to making RAH’s.

UPDATE: More pictures of Shinji added over at AmiAmi!

4de04b33Speaking of RAH’s, I found another beauty. I will admit, I know nothing about the Kamen Riders series lol, but this new Kiva RAH really caught my eye. The overall look on it is–holy crap–AMAZING. The prototype looks impressive and the detail looks hella nice. I hope once the final product is released it’ll look just as badass. Don’t think it has a release date yet. This will definitely go on my TO-GET list.

Yes… I’m a huge sucker for Medicom’s RAH’s. I just can’t seem to stay away despite their huge price range, ohgod.


Medicom Captain Harlock

I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON HIM. Pics from Toy World; taken at AFA08 Anime Festival Asia 2008 held @ Singapore Suntec City Convention Centre. Speaking of Medicom toys, I really hope they make a Suzaku Kururugi in the near future (preferably in his plugsuit)–would be nice to have a Suzaku accompany my Zero action doll. D: OR a Lloyd Asplund would be amazing. OHGOD DO FUCKING WANT.




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