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MegaHobby EXPO – One Piece: STRONG WORLD

017The MegaHobby Expo event, which will run through October 2nd-4th, will be held in Akihabara UDX. A bunch of early coverage from the usual sources has been released and oh boy, MegaHouse is on a roll adding more to their P.O.P series. Then again, I guess that’s what was to be expected after their announcement at Chara Hobby 2009 of their upcoming 1/8 Luffy Strong Edition, and 1/8 Tony Tony Chopper Strong Edition figures.

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Sum more Zero

megahouse_zero01I WANT THIS FIGURE IN MY HANDS ALREADYYYYYY~ The stand/base looks pretty awesome. I need to shut up about this figure, lol. How many times have I posted about it? ORZ.

Pic from HobbyStock; taken at MegaHobby EXPO 2009


MegaHobby EXPO 2009 WINTER

Amiami and Hobby Stock (EDIT; and Akiba Hobby & Moeyo) brings us a preview look at some of the figures that’ll be on display at tomorrow’s MegaHobby Expo 2009! The event was organized by MegaHouse along with invited exhibitors; Alter, Eye Up, Hobby Japan, and Sol International. There are previews to many, many figures but I’ll only talk about two of my favorites (among many others), orz.

The most anticipated figure of Yoko by Alter will be showcased. We finally get to see the painted version. Ohgod, she looks gorgeous! Here’s a more closer look at Yoko. The overall finish/painting is impressive and I can’t wait till pre-orders go up for her!

One can never have too many Yoko’s.

Speaking of Alter, here’s a prototype of Yukimura Sanada from Samurai Girls. I love the sculpt. I’m really not that familiar with Samurai Girls but I might get my hands on this once I see the finish piece, orz. Oh, my wallet…

Next is Alpha x Omega’s Sheryl Nome of Macross Frontier. She’s next in line to get the figure treatment after Klan Klan. This is the unpainted prototype and I bet the painted version will look hella awesome. The most amazing thing about this figure is that they sculpted her in the outfit I love best; her dominatrix cop outfit. ffffffffffffff. This Sheryl Nome sculpt looks impressive. Will totally get my hands on her.

Honestly, I hope MegaHouse with their new G.E.M series gives us some 1/8 scale male figures (AKA Alto Saotome & Michel Blanc, among many others). Come on, give us girls some delicious plastic men.

More coverage and images can be found over at Amiami and HobbyStock!

I’m excited for tomorrow! :D

EDIT: Tons of coverage and pics over at AkibaHobby and Moeyo! Omggggggg

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