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Possible Mouri and Motochika Revoltechs?

Soooo…. I stumbled upon this on figure/GK a few moments ago and I’m all excited now.

Mouri and Motochika Revoltechs? The official Revoltech page doesn’t state any info on these two at all, but they do look mighty real. Mouri looks amazing, holyshit. I wasn’t amazed at all with how the Masamune and Yukimura revoltechs ended up looking so I haven’t bothered getting my hands on those, orz.  However, if they do infact release Mouri, I might have to get my hands on him–I have this infatuated thing for him.

But if you ask me, it’s highly possible these are real. What, with the upcoming second season of Sengoku BASARA later this year and the fact that Mouri and Motochika will get plenty of screen time, I’m not doubtful these are real.

ETA: They are real. ^o^


Wonder Festival Summer 2009 Coverage! (UPDATE #3)

054Finally, Wonder Festival has arrived! This time around, Wonfes will take place in Makuhari Messe instead of the usual Tokyo Big Sight.

Hobby Stock and Akiba Hobby have already posted a lot of coverage from the event. SO MANY EXCITING FIGURES! A LOT OF DO WANT! I don’t even know where to begin. I can already hear my wallet weep.

Extensive image coverage after the jump. Very image heavy.

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Sengoku BASARA Licensed by FUNimation

sengokubasaraLike the subject says, FUNimation announced at its Anime Expo panel on Saturday that it has licensed Production I.G’s manliest anime, Sengoku BASARA. –Via ANN

FINALLY. SOME HIGH QUALITY MANRY SAMURAI ACTION ON DVD. I’m excited that I’ll finally be able to own this series on DVD. I’m excited for the high quality samurai action this will have. And of course I’m excited for the subtitled version. However, I’m not so excited for the dub; I wonder if they’ll be using the same dub cast as the game Devil Kings, which I can’t remember if I liked much (haven’t played the game in ages). But whatever the case, BEST NEWS EVER.

Now with the anime licensed, perhaps we can finally get the rest of the BASARA games released–but please, not butchered.


Sengoku BASARA ep. 12 – “ITAI~II DESU NEE~~!”

“MOTTO MOTTO~ ITAI~II DESU NEE~~!”–oh Akechi lksajld;adj

THIS EPISODE WAS VERY MANLY. I CRIED MANLY TEARS. It was like, holy crap, I jizzed in my pants. However, this one scene with Akechi vs. Kojuuro made me very happy in the pantsu. Seriously, Akechi, what’s with all the wailing and moaning? Ohgod, I can’t get enough of it (It’s rather brain breaking too in a way. It sounds like he’s having sex… with himself… or something lol.). Sho Hayami did a wonderful job voicing him throughout the entire series. Also, gratuitous amounts of Masamune’s engrish. A re-watch of this episode is in my plans for tonight orz, because honestly, I don’t know wtf I just saw but that was awesome, manly shit. And I’m sad the series has ended but…!! Continue reading ‘Sengoku BASARA ep. 12 – “ITAI~II DESU NEE~~!”’


Sengoku Basara episode 7

hey there sexyMy love for Sengoku Basara has once again risen from its slumber after having watched the first episode of the anime when it first aired. But that’s not what I’m here to talk… err… fangirl about. I saw the raw for episode 7 a little while ago and there was this one scene that made me want to do unspeakable things to Date Masamune (aka the screencap to the left). Why hello there Date, you’re looking pretty delicious. /brb fapping

Also, I ship these two like burning.

/random late night post.

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