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More Figure Babbling – Robot Damashii Masurao

852Sexiest piece of plastic I’ve seen today… err one of the many. It’s nice seeing it in color! Not a collector of Robot Damashii’s but I might just get this if a 1/144 kit isn’t released or smthg.

Release date for Masurao is  late July at 3,150yen

ALSO, lol, Moeyo posted an upskirt shot of the Girl!Tieria figure. Too bad “nothing” is really visible, pfft. I was waiting for the upskirt shot to pop up sooner or later, orz.

Images via; Moeyo, more at Akiba Hobby.


Tamashii Nation 2009 – Tieria in a dress


This deserves its own post.

This is the first thing that caught my eye from the Tamashii Nation exhibition earlier today when I was browsing thru all the coverage. Tieria in a dress as seen in episode 8. It’s not the best sculpt and you can clearly see the quality is off in some places but overall it’s an ok figure and VERY DO WANT. The figure seems like its a bit small (and gun too), maybe give or take 5 inches? But I might be wrong… AND OH, THAT GARTER STRAP. /lusting

Unsure of release date but will update/edit once I find out, orz.

It’s a bit disappointing that their aren’t many high quality figures for this series. I don’t know what figure manufacturer, perhaps MegaHouse(?), should ttly make 1/8 scale G00 figs of the Meisters. Yes, Banpresto has made some nice ones of the females but we want some of the boys too, fffffflol. /RANT

tamashii_19-2Here’s Tieria in his  CB unfiorm that he wears throughout the entire season 2 of Gundam 00. VERY DO WANT. And look at those hips! (゜O゜;). Those are some tight pants… ahem.

EDIT: If I saw correctly (in one of the coverage images), Tieria might be a bit bigger than what I originally thought. Looks like he measures at a scale of 1/8. Not sure about Dress!Tieria, it might be the same scale too. But then again, I might be wrong–he just looked a bit big compared to the other figures that were around him. I srsly hope these aren’t portrait figures. Tho they do look kinda like trading figures.

Aaaaaaah! I’ll probably ramble about the other neat stuff Tamashii Nations had up once I get home.

Coverage can be found at the following links:
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