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REVIEW: Viral by UpLark


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Uplark 1/8 Viral Review

v024-2 I think this is where I say, “Holy crap, I jizzed in my pantsu”. AkibaHobby just posted an awesome review of Uplark’s finished Viral figure. Nia’s can be found here.

I can’t even begin to explain how incredible the detail on this figure is; it leaves me breathless, that’s how amazing it is. I honestly cannot wait to have him in my hands. SEPTEMBER, PLEASE HURRY!

More ranting after the jump, orz.

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Uplark’s Viral and Nia Teppelin Up for Pre-order!

FUCKYEA! Uplark’s Viral and Nia Teppelin are now up for pre-order over at Hobby Search. ETA: Viral and Nia are now available for pre-order at HobbyLink Japan; here and here!

Viral, measuring at a 1/8 scale, will be available this coming September 2009 for 7,800yen. Nia Teppelin, also measuring at a 1/8 scale, will be available this coming September 2009 for 6,800yen. More images of Viral and Nia at UpLark’s website.

I’ll wait until HobbyLink Japan puts them both up for pre-order tho, which should be any day now. I’ve been anxiously waiting to pre-order Viral ever since I saw his prototype. I hope the next few months fly by; can’t wait to have him in my hands *squeee*!! I still have to think if I want Nia… maybe I’ll get her too, orz. But seeing as I’m thinking of getting Nia, this makes me want to go back and get my hands on UpLark’s Yoko as well (even tho I did not like the sculpt as much)… Gotta love having complete sets of figures–(;゜Д゜)


Uplark’s Nia Teppelin

pro001-2Another website update from Uplark; they’ve finally added their upcoming Nia to their Gurren Lagann harem of figures!

Nia will be measuring at a scale of 1/8 and will stand about 190mm (about 19cm). She’ll retail at a price of 6,800yen and will be released this September 2009.

From the images, it looks like she’ll come with two interchangeable heads, along with two different versions of her hair; long and short. To me, her face seems a little odd. I think I prefer her with her mouth closed and smiling, orz.

Might get my hands on this. I’m not a big Nia fan but this figure is quite nice! NOW ALL WE NEED IS A SIMON FIGURE. WHERE IS IT, UPLARK?

More images after the jump.

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Uplark’s Viral Color Prototype

uplark-viral1-2As much as I love all those Yoko figures that have been (and are still being) released, I think it’s time to give the other Gurren Lagann characters a little figure lovin’.

Uplark (formarly Eye Up) have updated their website with official images of their upcoming Viral, now painted!

He’ll be measuring at a 1/8 scale and will stand about 155mm (about 6in.). The look on his face captures Viral’s character perfectly! Really digging the paint job they’ve done on him. I’m totally pre-ordering this badass baby. Now I wonder how their Nia figure will turn out. If it’s just as good I might get it. Was not a fan of Eye Up’s Yoko so I didn’t end up getting her. Now where is Simon?!

As of yet, there’s still no pre-order available, but he’ll be released this September for 7,800yen.


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A Preview of UpLark’s Viral figure!

uplark-viral3Finally, what I’ve been waiting for–what we’ve all been waiting for! UpLark (formally known as Eye Up) have given us a little preview on their blog of their soon-to-be newest addition to their Gurren Lagann figures, Viral! After they announced back in February about them making Nia and Viral figures I’ve been anxiously waiting for them to show us a preview, and it’s about damn time!

This upcoming Viral figure is currently in its prototype stage, but hopefully we’ll see a painted version soon! His pose has been modeled after the 5th DVD cover of the Gurren Lagann TV series (Japanese version). He measures at a scale of 1/8 and from what I read on their blog he’s due to be released sometime in August or September!

Fffffff, this is going to be such an amazing figure and he’ll look great next to my Eye Up Kamina~ I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR THIS! Now all we need is a time-skip Simon!–preferably GARLOCK SIMON.

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