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The Kuroshio Sea

In Okinawa, you can find the second largest tank in the world, the Kuroshio Aquarium. “The main tank called the ‘Kuroshio Sea’ holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world’s second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 centimeters. Whale sharks and manta rays are kept amongst many other fish species in the main tank.”

Watching the footage above almost brought me to tears (but I think that cheesy song had something to do with it), there’s a certain magic to it. It’s a beautiful sight. I’m sure it’d be even more incredible up close in person! ( ; w;)

Ganked from Japanator
Video shot by Jon Rawlinson
Song, “Please don’t go” by Barcelona


Odaiba RX-78 Gundam Night Clip

Why yes, this is another RX-78 post. Found this recent video while browsing Akiba Hobby just now. It shows Odaiba’s Gundam lit up at night with the jet mist coming out of its chest and legs (which looks way more epic than the day video I posted a few days back) along with some awesome neck movement. Unfortunately there is no SFX. It also seems the fence has been removed. I love it when the people go into awe as soon as the head/neck moves upward. Aaaaah!

Via; Akiba Hobby

ETA: Extensive photoshoots at;
Cutanews (has nice close-up shots)


Odaiba RX-78 Gundam Moves w/ SFX

Odaiba’s Gundam now moves! And they’ve finally added the mist and SFX too; it sounds like it’ll take off any minute! IT’S ALIIIIVE! I’m in awe.

Via; DannyChoo


Odaiba RX-78 Gundam Lit Up

003After sunset, Tokyo Gundam comes to life. Yes, RX-78 now lights up at night. Can’t put into words how epic this is. I love the lighting. FUCKIN’ BEAUTIFUL. Now all that’s left is movement and the mist that’ll come out from the joints of the body. A couple of pics after the jump.

Via DannyChoo; more pics over at Pink Tentacle.

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RX-78 Life Size Gundam Complete

finished-rx78The 1/1 scale, 18 meter tall (59 foot tall), RX-78 Gundam being built in Odaiba as part of Mobile Suit Gundam’s 30th anniversary is finally complete! It looks absolutely stunning. The amount of detail on this thing is incredible.

I’ve been following the progress of this statue ever since they began construction on it and to see it finally completed has made me one very, very happy Gundam fangirl. It’s like a little kids dream come true, to see one of their long time favorite mecha’s come to life–well, not life per se but to see an actual scale of something this grand–that you love–being built (you get it). Now, it would be most amazing to see this in actual person but well, can’t, which is a shame, really.

And it’s amazing how fast they finished assembling the rest of the parts in just two days. Then again, many of the parts were already completed and all but needed to be put up. I’m hoping that they’re moving it elsewhere and not dismantling it for good, after August 31st that is. This thing needs to stay up forever.

Again, the official site states the opening for RX-78 will be the 11th of July and will be on display until the 31st of August. If I could, I would buy myself a plain ticket just for this…

A big thank you to Punynari who’s been posting monthly progress photos of RX-78. His posts of the completed RX-78 Gundam can be found over at Moe Passion; part one & part two. DannyChoo has also posted some gorgeous photos of RX-78 on his blog. More at kenleewrites, too.

An extensive photoshoot after the jump. Very image heavy.

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Gurren Basara

Some of the scenes sync very nicely with the music.


Yoko’s 『S.t.a.r.S』 Full PV

Talk about fanservice; every bit of this video was uhh delicious?–Oh Yoko, you so fine. I really loved the scene with Kittan during that high school part. And Yoko at the convini when Kamina walks in; I was totally waiting for him to show up the entire time (;w;). Fashion model Yoko was amazing; she looked gorgeous! I loved all her outfits! a;skdjlas The whole thing, I loved it. It’d be pretty amazing if they did this for Kamina; more like a rock PV featuring the boys only–do want.

Very tempted to buy the DVD for this, which was released today, btw. Reviews of the DVD boxset can be found over at Moeyo and Akiba Blog. The boxset includes the PV, the CD single, an interview with Inoue Marina, a 132pg booklet filled with concept art from the video, and other shiny stuff~

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